Friday, January 27, 2012

Virtua Racing Educational Video (With Music)!!!

School's occupying a lot of my time so don't expect a whole lotta posts in the future but here's a quick one since I got the time.

Thanks to anonymous poster "-1" for finding this video.  Now create a Google account and subscribe already.  But the video's fun AND educational!  It's about Virtua Racing.  Though it's mostly blabbering up until 2:00 minutes:

It rehashes on a couple of things I didn't know before (or forgot), such as the fact the game was a prototype and not meant to be released and the giant Joypolis 32-cabinet setups.  It was the first 3D racing game (Hard Drivin' doesn't count since it's a "simulator"), first 16:9 arcade game, and first racing game to feature four camera views.

This game doesn't get enough credit because of OutRun & Daytona but come on man, give Virtua Racing props.  It even has funky music:

Who's the guy who goes "kkhhaann??"  Oh, it's Captain Kirk.


  1. thanks a lot dude for posting

    sorry i don't have a google
    account, i don't trust them
    more than i can throw them..
    don't use facebook or twitter either.

    i like the way the video ends with
    the guy showing his twin cab.. lucky!

    i had the genesis version, (no 32x though),
    and the ok-ish sega saturn version..
    i do have the Sega collection for the PS2,
    i didn't realize that it had the extra
    courses,but i want the japanese one for

    by the way there's some decent competition
    for submitting scores for best races at
    MARP (mame replay):

    and virtua formula

    i don't have a wheel controller, so
    it's a little harder to race with
    a logitech wingman pad ...

    but i try..

    i remember playing multiplayer
    virtua racing when it first came out..
    me and 4 other friends played it like
    crazy at dave and busters.. awesome..

    another place had tournaments, where
    they put in GRAND PRIX (20 lap mode),
    you paid a $5 entry fee, they put
    the game on free play, and you went
    through eliminations.. the winner got
    all the money! i came in first quite a
    few times..and then some guy that played
    the farthest (helicopter view), started
    winning ...

    next, still doing research on indy 500 faq
    (shameless plug)... finally finishing all
    the races in short mode, and working
    on grand prix now...putting up videos
    user : negative1ne

    -1 (neg1sell@

  2. Thanks a lot. Good to receive input from other fans. Can't possibly reply to the entire post but I wouldn't bother with Facebook or Twitter--it's trash. I want to get a racing wheel someday for Daytona & Virtua Racing...would be ten times as fun. Keep up the good work.