Monday, January 30, 2012

New Racing Games: Red Dead Redemption, Call Of Doody, & More

AWESOME!!!  Game devs are finally catching on to the need for more car driving/racing action in our vidya games.  You must sit through all these videos--watch until the end!!

Looks like something I'd do if I were jerking off in Unity.

As usual, keep it fake & gay.

Now this, on the other hand, is LEGIT ^

No really, I remember the car maps from Counter-Strike, those were PIMP...

A rally game made entirely out of the Half-Life Gold-src engine...very naice!

EDIT: S*** I know this post is old but I don't care.  Tony Hawk's was strange when the Scumbag Steve antagonist was named "Eric," therefore tarnishing my good name:

He's flippin a bitch!!

Leaf Blowing Simulator???


  1. These are awesome. I am amazed at how good the Half Life Rally actually looks.

  2. I'm impressed because the Gold-SRC is so rough around the edges...Valve modified 50% of the Quake engine to get this. It's made for FPSes in mind. It's hard to design terrain (roads, etc.) that bank/curve naturally (I've made plenty of maps using Valve Hammer Editor), much less get vehicles to actually ride slopes like that.