Thursday, August 11, 2011


Others as well as myself have pointed out this lying bastard before.  I had assumed he had been defeated but guess what?  He's still at it again.  I feel this needs to be said again for those who missed the first time...

Phony website.  Anything that has the words "SegaLeaks," "Zach Morris," "FGNOnline," "Dreamcast 2 release on 12/12/12" in it is FAKE.  It sounds authentic and intriguing, but DON'T BELIEVE IT.  This guy has created & deleted multiple Wordpress blogs that all repeat the same inane rambling.  Besides, if you're going to leak information on a potential new game console, why would you post it on some crap Wordpress blog?  My blog is much sexier BTW.

Another thing to ask is why hasn't anything this guy said come to fruition? If this guy is to be believed, shouldn't he have predicted something beforehand to prove he's not a blowhard...something released before 2011?  Also, if Sega REALLY is making a console, do you think that they're competent enough to completely conceal such a massive project for so long?  Shouldn't there be more widespread information than that from some guy with a Wordpress account?

So who would go around posting this forgery?  Some bastard who's preying upon the morose spirits of the Sega hopefuls.  Let's take him down a notch...I don't want these lies to be associated with Sega.  We don't want to break anyone's hearts when 2012 comes rolling around...

One can dream, huh?

Read these MUCH MORE CREDIBLE LINKS for proof:

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Zach Morris is trash

Anyway, before this site gets deleted again, let me take a poke at him just for kicks:

"$50 mln in one quarter, if Sega kept this rate up for the remaining three quarters, that would equate to a full year net loss 0f $200 mln for Sega Sammy’s consumer business. These are the sort of losses Sega was registering between 1998-2001, which led to the company leaving the hardware business and going third party.

So, how could SEGA SAMMY’s consumer business be losing so much money? According to the insider SegaLeaks spoke to, the answer is actually quite simple, it’s the hidden R&D costs for the development of the company’s realtime Global Illumination based next generation console. 

As the new console is only a year away, the hefty R&D costs are revealing themselves in the company’s balance sheets.

- Zach Morris" about the Japanese game industry is in the tank and Sega has no really good games coming out soon.

I could go on but the dude predicts a Shenmue III coming around December 2013.  Also really like how he acts like he's sitting in some office, receiving paperwork and reporting official news like he's some sort of "professional" who's doing all the hard work for you:

"SegaLeaks this morning received an updated spec sheet for Sega’s next generation arcade and home entertainment platforms..."

"SegaLeaks can today reveal in this world exclusive report that Sega has signed ARM Holdings plc of Great Britain to provide the central processor for both it’s next generation arcade board for amusement arcades and it’s next generation home entertainment system for living rooms around the world..." 

Workin' hard on those Sega leaks!!!

That's all I have to say here so PEACE...

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