Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dear Sega, Keep Your Freakin Clock (A Christmas Story)

This was a post I bookmarked from SEGA America's blog.  I put it on the backburner for a while but let's bring it up now.

In SEGA of America HQ in San Francisco last November, they held an event where you can enter the offices, get some free stuff, play some video games, and hang out with the guys.  You see I was there, poking the guys eyes out trying to get a new Daytona game, lol jk.

Anyway, this one guy got a Sonic clock he didn't like so he complained about it and sold it on eBay.  Sonic fanbase to the rescue!  So the Sonic fans bought the clock from this little miscreant and then mailed it back to SEGA HQ with a lovely Christmas card and a bag of candy.  And they were overjoyed by it.

So the moral of this story--show the devs a little love cause they know how much Sega sucks too and they need their fanbase behind them always.

That's it--drop everything--we're making a Daytona USA clock, a calendar, some iambic pentameter poetry, pens and t-shirts, some Wendy's free frosty coupons, MAIL IT ALL to Sega of Japan and maybe we'll get Yu Suzuki to shed a tear and Nagoshi to stop drinking for a sec.  You know, loosen then up for when the real Daytona coalition arrives...

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