Thursday, January 6, 2011

Secret Counter-Strike Map: Old Mall And Arcade

Hello, everybody.  This was something I've kept a secret for a long time.  I really should've talked about this sooner, but since I'm in a contemplative mood, I think you ought to see it.

This has to do with Daytona USA 2.  It's the mall that I once played Daytona 2 a Counter-Strike map I made.  Yes, you actually see a Daytona USA 2 cabinet in it.

I have been making Counter-Strike maps for a long time.  I'm very discrete about it.  This was one I've had as a secret for a long time.  I've only shown my family and maybe two or three other people.  I figure it doesn't do me any good to sit on it for this long, especially since CS 1.6 and GoldSource isn't getting any more popular as time flies.  So live and let die; I don't really care anymore...

The logic behind this map was because I wish I could just teleport places and be there, even if it's just to walk around and do nothing...  I used to like the mall for the pretzels, the pizza, the arcade, but since then, it's lost its luster so I wanted to go back in time per se...

Around '05, I tried to make the mall, but the layout and texturing was so horrible that I just scrapped it, never thinking I would come back.  After working on some other maps, I decided to go back to the mall.  I went around taking many pictures to gather info.  Eventually, I figured out an accurate floor plan (a pain in the ass) and I built it from the ground up.

I could've gone into more detail, but I ran out of texture space (8 MB limit), plus I nearly exceeded the face limit. Basically, you can't put too much stuff into a CS map.  I don't want to run the r_speeds up any higher as it is.

FYI, this map doesn't have any bombsites, hostages, or weapons.   I don't want to create any more controversy by blowing up or killing innocent people.  Although I don't know if using all these trademark logos helps my case either.  That's one reason I didn't release this map thus far.

T's spawn outside in the parking lot, CT's spawn near the Dillard's entrance.

It's kind of sad because it's been my Daytona USA 2 refuge for so long until they got rid of the game around January '05 which is what provoked the creation of this map in the first place.

And that's all I have to say. I don't know how to model which sucks, I know.   I can still possibly go back and edit the map, but I don't know...not much else for me to change.   I spent a lot of time on this so it's kind of a big deal to me. Goodbye.

PS: I'm not about to write the exact location of said mall because I don't want to cause that much controversy. Although I have a feeling they may find out anyway.

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