Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Sega Rally Game?

Ok, this is about a day old, but because my internet is crap and I keep looking at the same garbage sites (Kotaku, Joystiq), I finally see this:

There exists an entry called "Sega Rally Online Arcade" according to Korean Game Rating Board.

Now read the Korean page, I have no idea what it says.

So keeping up with the trend of "Online Arcade" games, I presume this will be a port of a Sega Rally game, much like OOA is a port of OutRun 2: SP.  Remember before OOA came out, we saw its name pop up in one of these entries somewhere and sure enough, Sega followed through.  Also, you had "Sega Racing Classic" for arcades which turned out to be a straight copy of Daytona USA.  I don't see Sega pulling out all the stops on this project.

So what game is it?  Probably Sega Rally Revo but it also could be an upgraded version of the original Sega Rally.  I sure hope it's not Revo since we got that for 360/PS3 and TBQH it really wasn't that great.  I want to play original Sega Rally.  Although if I were as rabid about Sega Rally as I was Daytona USA, I'd be kind of sad since this seems like a basic port--not many bells and whistles, just the bare essentials.  Just one of those games you download for $10/$15 and that's that.

Hey, at least we got Crazy Taxi, OutRun 2, and now possibly the original Sega Rally on the same console so that's damn good so Sega deserves a bit of credit.

If this somehow continues to Daytona USA 1/2 and Scud Race, I sure hope Sega rolls out the red carpet for these.  No straight ports, make these games FANCY.  Like a hard copy of the game that me, model3, and the other diehards dream of.  Although I would rather a port than nothing at all.

Oh, and this:

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