Sunday, January 2, 2011

Stayin' Alive In 2011

Hello, and now it is 2011.  I really don't give a damn, but since everyone else does, I gotta roll with the changes.  Anyway, I hope you Sega fans are staying alive.

Ok, well I've been doing some thinking about this blog.  I wonder if I'm going about this the right way.  I usually post informative stuff, but sometimes, I'll get personal.  Beyond what I think of something, like what I did today, how am I doing emotionally, etc.  I won't talk about anything too controversial like politics--I'm sticking to the video games.  I know that there's some really popular people who can get away with posting anything and people will like it, but as an aspiring blog writer with little feedback, I'm just gonna put my 2 cents on the table each time.  BTW, I used to own a LiveJournal YEARS back where I talked about how emo I was, but since then I've deleted it.

Really, I want to get the Sega fanbase stoked again.  A lot of people I know are barely hanging in there and they have no motivation to do stuff.  I know I am feeling down too, but by God I'm not going out THAT soon.  And the good thing about being personal is that I can tell you this stuff from the heart.  Not like some boring-ass news reporter.

I hope this doesn't piss people off because I'm conjuring images of "pity," but a lot of my hits are due to Google image views.  How well I'm doing with normal people who actually are semi-interested in what I say, I don't know.

OOOH YEAH, 1000's of hits coming in now.

But really, just remember to have fun.  Until then, I just got done beating New Super Mario Bros. Wii with my younger brother--we kept killing each other and the ending is WTF-worthy.   Also on Rock Band, I 5-starred Big Shot on Xpert Pro Keys which is a big f-n deal for me.  Then I ate a roast beef sandwich and a slice cookies-and-cream pie.  Now you know how awesome I am.

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