Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sonic Free Riders And NFS: Hot Pursuit Are EPIC FAIL

ehehe epic fail lol *nerdgasm*

Since I downloaded the Ridge Racer 6 demo off XBL, I decided to download the Sonic Free Riders demo while I was at it.  "Oh, but it's a Kinect game!"  Well I thought you could play it with a regular controller too but no, that's not true.  And I had to download the entire demo first before I found out.

As a consolation prize for the time wasted on the demo, I got to see was this video presentation of kids jumping in front of the TV.  So Sonic Free Riders = garbage.  0 out of 10, congrats on being forever tied to the lousy Kinect.  Besides, the name of the game is still Sonic FREE Riders so I want this game for free, dammit!!  What a tease.  Sega always teases us BTW.

Also, I decided to check out the Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit demo, assuming there was one.  Guess what?  There isn't one.  What's the matter, Electronic Arts and Criterion, afraid I would say mean things about the demo?  No way I am going to Blockbuster to rent this game.  Congrats, another 0 out of 10, stop wasting my time with this crap.  YOU SUCK ASS!!!


Oh, and Need for Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed is coming out some day.

Shift 1 was intriguing to me because of the emphasis on the sense of speed, engine sounds, etc.  However, I heard it wasn't that great of a game otherwise.  About Shift 2, I would like to see more game footage of the car interior.  I think it will be good but it lacks the "zing" of a Sega racer.  Oh well, guess that's what arcade games do to you, I'm spoiled...


Also, something stupid is happening to my Xbox 360.  Every time I sign into Xbox Live, it stays for five seconds then disconnects me.  Every time.  So this really sucks because I just put down $8 for Rock Band DLC I can't download for now...

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