Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Scud Race Emulation Pics

Someone on YouTube linked me to this site and I guess it's worth checking out a few pics...  

Advances in emulation Modelu3 - and this is the speed (93 fps)! We'll see what comes up:) 

Comment from somebody: I still play this in MAME despite f'ed up graphics, no sound and terrible framerate, just because this game rocks. I really want demul svn now. the game DESPITE glitchy graphics, bad FPS and no sound...this is how good these games are.  Another testament to Sega racer quality!!!

Now don't get me wrong--I love what emulation is doing.  I would rather emulators than nothing at all.  But dammit man, Sega, you can make a hella good port with additional bells and whistles...   My head would explode.  Like I've said a billion times, they're just sitting on the game and it makes me sad.  I believe Sega can do it!  Yes, despite me kicking them all around, I only do that cause I want to correct their ways and make everyone happy...

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