Friday, January 21, 2011

Original Lego Racers PICS

Remember a while back I took pics of my Indy 500 Micro Machines and Daytona toy cars.  Seriously, I love toy cars...well most anyway.  Not a big fan of Hot Wheels or other big bulky toy cars.  Tiny = better.

Yes, a while back when I was young, I owned a bunch of Lego Racers.  Nowadays, Lego Racers come in the shape of trucks and Formula 1 cars and so forth, consisting of hundreds/thousands of pieces, but these are the ORIGINAL Mini Lego Racers, you know, before they bastardized the series.  Oh well, I don't think anyone liked the old Lego Racers anyway.


These original Lego Racers back to 2001.  EDIT: I believed these are called the Xalax/Crash 'Em series.  I recently bought a bunch of cars off of eBay for a damn good deal since these are very hard to find.  Previously, I owned 15 cars with some missing pieces (thanks brother) but today, I got 25 more cars to add to the mix for a grand total of 40.  Those 25 cars cost $40 BTW.  Not bad IMO.

They look like go-karts which is kind of cool.  That grey part you see on the bumper ejects the driver when pushed.  The other side doesn't have the bumper so you can move the killswitch the front or the rear--your choice.  There's fifteen original cars, but that doesn't stop you from mixing and matching pieces.  BTW, doesn't that red guy in the blue car look like Super Meat Boy...?

Each one comes with these little triangle cone thing that you can store the racer in.  It can also transform into a car launcher so you can fling the vehicle across your living room, only to have the guy fly underneath the sofa, bookcase, or other crappy hard-to-reach place.

Funny, also in each triangle thing is each character's "stats" in speed, acceleration, handling, and stunts.  Hmm...4 bars in speed and stunts, 1 in handling...this is the EXPERT LEVEL CAR!!!  Now, automatic or manual transmission?

And now for the rolling start...come on guys, don't go 3 wide!!

Even though I have 40 fully pieced cars (had to mix-and-match since I didn't have every piece), I only have 29 little people to put in the cars which kind of sucks.  Seriously, some of these cars are so wildly mashed together that they don't resemble any of the original designs.  The other 11 cars are right there on the table as you can see.

Anyway, I thought these were cool.  I like little stuff like this.  We love cars, we love cars, blahblahblah...

Can't fit all of them in the container!

Strange thing is that they made a video game loosely based off these cars...but I haven't played it.  If it's as good as Daytona USA 2, let me know.


  1. You are so lucky to have these! The game is awesome! I have it and have nearly completed the whole thing!

  2. You can still buy the Lego Xalax Racers off eBay or even BrickLink. Unfortunately, I bought most of them already though, lol.