Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Daytona 2 Grand Prix Features

Check it out. A fine person by the name of "wooterz" posted some SuperModel emulator footage of Daytona USA 2's "Grand Prix" mode which invokes yellow flags and pit stops...very interesting.

Look, it's the world's tiniest YouTube video!!!  Click the white play button.

I'm just kidding, here's the real video. It goes on a long time so here's some things that he says:

* While this race is just 40 laps, you can play from 100 to 500 mile races (try 500 laps around Beginner or 78 laps around Expert, it's insane). The timer goes away on Advanced and Expert, apparently (wouldn't it be a b**** to run out of time on the last lap...).

* If you run out of gas, your top speed is cut to 100 mph (161 kph).

* If the tires turn red, then the car's handling goes to hell. I don't know if there's a gradual decrease in grip over time. Also no word if car damage has an effect on handling or speed.

* You can change the speedometer from KPH to MPH somehow (read the SuperModel readme).

* Occasionally, emergency crews will put out car fires and possibly tow them off the track (you can't really see it here).

* Yellow flags pop up if there's too many wrecks. Like any NASCAR race, you can pit under caution. When you pit in this mode, the crew changes four tires rather than two.

* Looks like the AI cars never pit. Why, I can see it as absurdly difficult to program every single little car going to the pits, but I wish they all would pit just for the "coolness" factor.

* The pace car during caution looks different than the one in the intro movie.

* Looks like the AI is rubber-banding there at the's really close at the end. Then again, when you run 17.5's on average, there's room for improvement.

This isn't completely brand new, but it's good to see in the clear. Now to find out more info on stuff like this "Live Cam" mode...

Man, this game is just a big tease. Why, of all the racing games that we like the most, do they have to be made by this lousy-ass company known as "Service Games"...


  1. I'm going to get a job at Sega, and will make a new Daytona USA game myself. That's on my bucket list.

  2. Thanks, I think it is great too :) :) :)