Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Massive Scud Race Image Dump: Part 2

Alright, this is part 2 of the Supermodel screen cap overload.  Here is Part 1 (both Beginner courses).  We're going to look at the Advanced and Expert courses.  EDIT: Also posted many pics of Daytona 2 like this.

...There's one thing that dawned on me when I was taking these pics.  I'm thankful that these aren't some phony baloney race cars we have here.  Yes, I know these are licensed cars we're talking about.  These cars could be some generic mashups like you see in Burnout and stuff (holy cow, a GT-40/Ferrari/Aston Martin hybrid, BRILLIANT!!) so you have a more intimate connection with your rides.  Bravo, Sega.

 Yes we are playing the Australian version.

The starting line of the Advanced course; looks like we're in some kind of South American temple.  For some reason, there's 30 cars as opposed to 40.  Oh and three laps, not four.

Beautiful view...the draw distance is grand; it lets you see all this detail...

Take a look to the right and you'll see a blocked-off tunnel.  What's the point?  Could it be possible that this tunnel led to another track like Daytona 2's Challenge Course?  The idea must've crossed their minds at some point.

This turn is awfully reminiscent of the Advanced course from Daytona 1 (Dinosaur Canyon)...

Waterfalls ahead!

Beautiful waterfall...

You'll see a totem pole here.  This and the Niagara-style waterfalls remind me of Canada...

More waterfalls.

"Sharp curve, be careful.  Easy does it!" the signs say.

"You must be careful!  Sharp curve," oookay.

The layout of this place is astounding--as if 2000 years ago, these people said, "make way for the race track that'll be paved in the future"...

Driving somewhere.

Check it out, it's a Holiday Inn!!

We're gonna check out the pit crew.

The usual suspects.  Oh yeah, didn't mention this until now--when you're in the pit, your timer freezes in place.  How kind of Sega to do this...

Damn, gotta love how ancient cultures built these long-ass corridors with nothing in them.

Second time around, if you go to the village, you can check out the sheep.  They even walk around!!  Now those are some mobile sheep.

You take a look over this ledge, you can see the track below.  Outstanding view!

I got busted for screwing around.  GAME OVER YEAH!!!!

Ok, this is the Expert course, get ready cause it's very difficult!  Only 20 cars this time which is weird.

I see the French flag so we're presumably in France.

Hey look to the left, another tunnel that leads to nowhere!  Ok, this is more proof for the challenge course theory.  However, I would like to see how it's possible to string a Japanese airport, a French castle, a South (or North) American village, and an oceanside tunnel within walking distance of each other.  Go for it, Sega.

Now we're driving over a moat which I always thought was kind of weird because what if the tires slip through the planks?  And the McLaren F1 here is in last place, what a noob.

This is the castle which looks very, very weird.

I'm going to revisit the castle later, let's zip through this part for now.


This is part of the castle.  It reminds me of Super Mario Bros. for some reason.  How to kill Bowser: just rum into him, yeah!

Ok, now this is the first glitch I've seen.  The whole castle here is pitch dark presumably because no light is reflecting off of it (possibly an issue with the lightmaps)...

But the castle lights back up when you get closer to it.

You take a look ahead and you'll see the bridge we were just driving on seconds ago.

A creepy tunnel!

Ok, now this looks an awful lot like the Roman Coliseum which obviously is not in France.

Drive into the Coliseum on dirt which doesn't slow you down for some reason.

To the left and right of the road are bulls which run around in circles.  Guess what happens when you touch them?

They push you around!  They cannot be stopped.  I'm not making this up.  It's like the Trolley of Death from GTA: San Andreas, it's an unstoppable object.

Ok, so let's go take a pit stop, go eat some French crepes, something like that.

My car hood is banged up again!  Slap some duct tape on it and let's go!!

The pit lane is not a very eventful place to be.

Ok, we're back in the castle!  Here you can see stained glass, tiled floors, staircases, arches, etc.

Take a look to the right and see that famous cupid painting...I don't know why that's there but w/e.

Past the barrier is, well...more track just like this one.

I actually did manage to catch the 20th place car (the McLaren F1) and proceded to beat the crap out of him Burnout-style!!

Yeah, TAKE IT!!!

And this is the last picture I got.  I don't know the relevance of this room, but it's some big...cathedral/stage thing.  Take a look at the ceiling, more cupid paintings.  Recycled images, eh?

GREAT SCOTT!!!  That Scud Race game's awesome...what was I wasting my time on?  Mario Kart?  Screw that, I'M NOT WORTHY!!!

The end: here's Part 1 again just as a reminder.  Maybe I can post pics of the Bonus course...if only I had the special ROM for it.  Thanks for the cool game, Sega.

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  1. nice spread! I'm planning to do a similar spread for daytona2pe,bote, and scud but time has been crazy lately. look for it in my future club sega issues! = )