Sunday, May 22, 2011

Raw Thrills Presents Dirty Drivin'

Hello everybody, I'm alive and well.  Uh, I was going to talk about multiple games at once, but since this one game went on for too long, I'm gonna save the rest for later.


Thanks to rjay once again for the tip, Raw Thrills releases another arcade masterpiece known as Dirty Drivin'.  You drive trucks, smash into stuff, get powerups, and YANK THE CRANK!!

Now in all honesty, this game looks way too easy to make fun of so I'm not gonna do that.  My main problem is that it looks too damn distracting to actually focus on the driving.  I mean, holy cow.  Grabbing powerups, slamming into bad guys, trying to navigate the confusing track design, dealing with all that junk on the screen--I'd be frustrated too.  And yet the guy nearly comes in first there at the end--typical Midway/Raw Thrills rubber-band AI which dupes you into thinking you had a chance back there but you really didn't.

The game uses a "crank" much like a handle on a slot machine.  Now I think if that crank served as a four-gear manual shifter (i.e. "dropping the hammer" in a stock car) it would be a slick replacement to the traditional nub stick, but this crank just replaces the traditional flashing button on the dashboard.  EDIT: Didn't mean to say "get rid of the crank."

You save your progress with a PIN number, you roll the wheel at the end to see if you get a free game (which never happens), and that's it.  I mean, the environments look rather detailed and it's a "novel" concept (I guess) so I can't totally hate it.  Right about now, I know that Raw Thrills will never make a "serious" racer so they might as well go the opposite direction and make it as ridiculous as possible.

Also, why do they use More Human Than Human (by White Zombie)?  That song was also used in a Forza 4 trailer IIRC.  Now if I were playing any racing game, I'd take Black Sunshine over that.  Beware cause both songs have women moaning in the background in certain parts which is always nice...  But anyway, Black Sunshine begins with lyrics about driving a car:

Gripping the wheel, his knuckles went white with desire
The wheels of his Mustang exploding on the highway like a slug from a .45
True death, 400 horsepower of maximum performance piercing the night
This is black sunshine 


There's a bit of car porn for you.  EDIT: Let me reiterate this too--I'm not blaming Dirty Drivin' for using a potentially offensive song cause I do think White Zombie is a good fit considering the source material.  Just in case you get that idea.


  1. Well, this game isn't the same old precision racing game as you can tell. Instead, it's a combat driving game where, as the name implies, you are encouraged to drive dirty to reach the finish line first. It's a lot of fun. Rubberbanding does exist, but is tuned well and isn't obvious. It can be turned off by the players if they want to, per race. The crank feels great as the trigger for the weapons. A button would feel lame in its place. Free games are awarded on the prize wheel often. The game uses the clean version of the White Zombie song with no moaning women or cursing. It's a really fun combat driving game. Try it sometime if you're fortunate to find it in a test location near you.

  2. Thanks for commenting. Well I see some of the game's merits here... I can't say that I like the game's theme but others do. I highly doubt I'd see this game around here but if I find the game and I have spare change on me, then maybe I'll try it out.