Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Navy Seals, Game Studios, Blops Map Pack

Well, about Mr. bin Laden who was recently killed.  Yes, I literally sat watching the TV waiting for this breaking message from the White House at 10:30 PM hoping and praying it wasn't anything negative.  Then it's about bin [Hi]den and I was like, "No way, man."

All I have to say is we really have to thanks these Navy Seals guys (and everyone in the armed forces as well) who go into these hell holes and possibly never come back so we can defeat these barbarians who use every trick in the book to slay the innocents.  We will never know the identity of these Navy Seals cause they act in the greatest of secrecy and they can't risk compromise.  Really, think about it--we hear everyday about these attention-whote celebrities or politicians but nothing about true heroes of liberty.

So a heartfelt thanks to the armed forces; God bless you.  And as for you terrorists who come to crush us and our way of life, eat lead and explosives courtesy of the United States Military.  A song for the Military out there !!!

As for the 9/11 victims, I wouldn't say it's revenge, Mission All Over, everything's great again cause this villainy still exists in the world so keep on supporting the military.


Okay, where was Gameloft is a developer of iPhone and iPad games is opening a studio in New Orleans.  That's thirty minutes from where I live.  I checked out their website and the only position I really qualify for is regular old "Programmer."  I'm going to throw my resume in there and see what comes up.  Hell, I already tried to apply for Sega but that may not work out.  It would be nice to get a job in NOLA and gain some experience, but in terms of making big-ass games for Nintendo, Sega, what have you, it may not be good enough to step up to the big leagues.

I know how to program, but I really wanted to be a producer.  I'd like the opportunity to make my own games.  I think I may be more cut out for a programmer.  When applying to FIEA, it may have been wiser to take the Programming tract rather than the Production one.  We'll see.  Maybe I can be a producer/programmer; that would be hella tight but not easy to achieve.  I may end up going to college but it's hard to pass up a job opportunity...I mean, I'll be doing the same thing whether I go to work or college, but the difference is I have to pay money to go to the college but I get paid to go to work.  So what would you pick?


Also the new Escalation map pack for Black Ops is cool.  I got that as well as First Strike.  Yes, I know each map pack is 1200 MSP ($15), but when you consider how much people play Black Ops, these maps will be worth the money eventually.  Yes, Activision is greedy but what do you expect...freebies?

I really like Hotel, it reminds me of Rainbow Six: Vegas.  Convoy is also nice and colorful.  These are all big and detailed maps.  On the other hand, the new zombie map is just confusing as all invincible George Romero with the Hammer of Thor coming after you?  The snow blinds you and makes it hard to see...maybe once I figure out what I'm doing it'll be fun--until then, just stick with multiplayer.

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