Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Driveable OutRun Cabinet!!!

Not totally new, this video below dates back to January 2011, but if you haven't seen it right now, here it is.  We haven't heard from the original OutRun in a loooonnng time so this is good news.

What you see here is an OutRun cabinet on wheels.  It can actually drive like an (electric) go-kart.  But there's that huge-ass game screen in the way--what do we do?  There are sensors which reads what's up ahead and draws it in traditional OutRun graphics.  This is an example of augmented reality.  The vehicle can also play the original OutRun tunes.  Unfortunately, I don't think you can play the actual OutRun arcade game on this cabinet.

"What the--this guy can't see where he's going!"
"Nonsense, this isn't a Fast & Furious arcade cabinet, it's safe for all ages."

I really wish they showed the screen a bit more so we could get a sense of what the driver's really looking at, but no dice...

Big website to read for more information.

Very good work, Garnet Hertz, on your homage to Sega racers.  Next feature: simulate car crashes by flinging the passengers clear of the wreckage...