Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weddings, Sony, Sega Money, THE ROCK BAND FC'S

Saturday the 14th, I was invited to be a usher at a wedding.  To say "invited" is an understatement--I was forced by my parents to be an usher for my grandmother's sister who's 60+ years old...someone I don't think I've talked to since I was 5 years old.  But anyway, I rented a tuxedo, went over to this chapel placed, walked an old lady down the isle, and they were married.  And I was mature and I didn't really get in anyone's face about it and then they kissed and I started to feel a bit honored to be there even against my own will.  And that's it, they live happily ever after (I hope).


Oh boy...anyway, Playstation Network is coming back online and Sony is giving out two free PS3 and PSP games from a small list plus bonuses.  So check it out if you have a PS3.  And then maybe PS3 users will be able to play Sega Rally Online Arcade on May 18th too, be happy PS3 folks.

Here's some "Sega-Sammy" news--they are making money.  Their profits have increased to $513 million, a 105% jump, this fiscal year which ended March 31.  Sonic Colors sells 2.18 units, Iron Man 2 the game sells 1.54 million units (wtf?), Vanquish sells 830,000, Shogun 2 sells 600,000, and Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity sells 370,000.  This is in contrast with my April Fools' joke in which they went bankrupt.

So why is it that when we say Sega "sucks," they're making lots of money?  Yet when Sega was in its "glory days" (Dreamcast era), they were borderline bankrupt.  So is it true that appealing to fans causes you to lose money?  Well, that just applies to Sega.  Nintendo, Capcom, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Activision (errr...no), they all make money when catering to fans.  Sega operates in opposite world and all money they make will be spent on publishing random games as well as distributing UFO catchers and pachinko machines.

So isn't Sega great?  SEGA VICTOLY, ROUND OF APPLAUSE!!!


And as you can see, as a loser who's going through a major slump right now trying to get into graduate school (which is coming along now), it's small victories like this that get me by.  RB3 Xpert Pro Keys Smash Mouth's Walking on the Sun FC!!!!  THE EFF-CEE!!!  Dammit, busted my ass on this one (I don't like this song much, but I rated it a 5 cause I was so stoked).  I would hate to play this song for hours to not FC it and be pissed that I wasted my evening.  I actually have to get back to the progress I've made on RB Pro Keys but I'll save it for later.

BUT WAIT, one more thing...why did the number of poll votes jump from 31 back down to 19?  What the hell is this crap?  That poll has glitched up many times before, you suck, Blogspot.

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