Sunday, May 15, 2011

Massive Scud Race Image Dump: Part 1

Ok, let's get back to the Supermodel emulator.  This time, we're playing Scud Race, affectionately known as Sega Super GT in the West but screw that name, it sucks..  I'm not really playing for fast times; I just wanted to get a lot of neat pics.  I already took pics of Daytona 2.  You should bear in mind that the Supermodel emulator runs at 20% of normal speed on my comp (which is marginally faster than D2) so it wasn't suitable for normal gameplay.  I can't give you a direct link to the Scud Race rom, but I have the "Australian" rom that's 60.2 mb.  Should be easy to find if you type in "scud race rom" in Google.  Anyway, LET'S DO THIS.

Link to Part 2 (Advanced and Expert courses).

 Unlike Daytona 2, this game has much fewer graphical glitches.  Look at this car select screen--no scrambled textures although I would like to know why all the cars have the dark blue & orange hue.

Nonsense, the colors fix themselves in game.  And it looks great from start to finish.

Take a look at the grey building under the CG sign.  It says "Princess Hotel."  I have no idea why it says that but w/e.

OOOOO YEAH, CAUGHT SOME MAJOR AIR THERE.  In case you can't read, it says "Dolphin Tunnel."  Oh wait, if you can't read the pic then you can't read this either, I'm sorry.

You'll see that most every AI car is a Lotus Esprit EDIT: Renault Alpine A610.  I don't see the logic behind this, but I guess Sega was too lazy to make a bunch of unique cars.  Then again, it's 1996 so cut them some slack.

To the left is a billboard for Sonic Drift, a rather unmemorable Game Gear title.  Thanks, Sega!!

 UNDERWATER drivin' Cruis'n USA or Stunt Race FX but BETTER.  Eat my dust, Ridge Racer.

There is also a spinning Sega Saturn sign above the finish line (that blue ball...this is the best pic I could get).  You crazy programmers at Sega & Yu Suzuki with the subliminal in-game ads.

Ok, let's take a nice pit stop here.  FYI, if you look under the Position number, it says "Retire" with a number beside it.  That's how many AI cars have wrecked and can't drive.  OOO yea, take 'em out BURNOUT STYLE...!!!

Holy cow, I gotta tell ya these pit stop animations are really good.  But this scene looks dumb because there's no specific pit areas--these guys are just standing on the side of the street...


Another shot.

Ok now this is the end of the pit stop, a dude leaps onto the hood of the car and wipes the windshield.  Cool detail.  The pit crew magically disappears when you are done through SEGA's sleight of hand tactics.

Let's see what happens when you wrec--OHHH HOOO...dang, that's nasty.

You'll see there's another picture of Sonic at this part of the track.

 It's Captain Hook!!  I think that's the same boat in OutRun 2: SP (Sunny Beach).

HEY wait, look at that little's the McLaren F1 car.  He's the first place guy.  Unfortunately, he lapped me here since I wasn't trying.  FYI, the Ferrari F40 is the second place guy.

A mean slide, but I ran out of time.   Oh hell yes, that rhymes.  GAME OVER YEAH!!!

Ok, we're driving the McLaren F1 on Beginner Night and as you can see, I have the choice of either of two transmissions.  DAMN, 369 kph (229 mph) is friggin fast.  So slam that boot down and go for top speed!!!

Hey look, it's the Porsche 911, but he's in 39th place.  Lol, what a noob.

This is a very elaborate night-time course...the airport terminal's detail here is stunning.

Another shot right up the road.

Now we are passing by a glass warehouse containing a jet airliner as well as a monorail.  Awesome detail.  Those yellow/red/black signs up on the top of the buildings say "Bill-Wings," but it's really hard to get a good shot from down here.


These are all JAL Airlines as you can see (Japan Airlines).  Nice use of product placement.  Big ol' jet airliner.

Take a look at the airport concourse...we are zipping by the airport runway here.

For some reason, those orange flares flicker on and off for another nice effect.

Now we are driving underneath some pipes and OOOO YEAH, another opportunity to catch big air.

Hey, let's see what happens when you drive into the pit!  You go up into a parking garage--wow, who would've thunk it?

 It's your boys again, here to change those tires with the shiny orange rims.

Come to think of it, this pit road is very would be difficult for a car to pass you without running over your guy's pinky toe.  If that happens, then the game will send Kramer to retrieve the severed appendage.

 Mr. Man jumps on the hood of the car again.

Now you must drive down this narrow road before you return back to ground level.  FYI, you can't drive into those little walkways...this ain't San Francisco Rush.  BWOOP, KEY GET!!!

This is a building under construction.  Take a look at the cardboard city to the left.

Hey, I'm looking over the fence and there's nothing but an empty field.  Disappointing, throw down some more detail here...maybe some trees perhaps?


Another picture.

Another slide.

And I screw up somehow and spin out.  Take a look at the car's a bit twisted but not too bad.  This is the only real example of "car damage" I've seen thus far.  Maybe if you crash ten more times THEN you can maybe reach Daytona USA 1 max damage...

Take a look at the trees and the shadow they cast on the wall.  More cool detail.

Fun can drive in the second avenue between the finish line & the pit stop.  NICE

To the upper left is the pit stop area.  Ok that's it, no more pics.  Stay tuned for pics of the Advanced/Expert course!!

DAYUM, this game is awesome!!1!


  1. According to Wikipedia's entry on Super GT/SCUD Race, those other drone cars are Renault Alpine GTA/A610s. The Beginner-Night course is my favorite course, and it is also the ONLY course I have completed. Since this game and Daytona USA 2 are Model 3 games, this one came before Daytona USA 2. So I think this game was less intensive to make than Daytona USA 2.

    Entertaining read, nonetheless.

  2. Oops, you are Esprit was my first assumption since the spoiler made me think otherwise...

  3. NightAirport is my most favorite track in the whole world!! = ) nice fotos!

  4. I love it too, fancy Japanese architecture at night-time is awesome.