Monday, October 11, 2010

GameFAQs Is Awesome

EDIT 3/16/12: In the past, I made a couple of blog posts about winning a GameFAQs board contest. Before and after the event, I made a bunch of useless posts pertaining to the contest which I subsequently removed.  So if you're confused, now you know.

Talking about GameFAQs is about as pleasant as reminiscing on a colonoscopy.  Anyway, after the first board contest about making a video, that obviously dive-bombed and I buried the hatchet. I'm just confused by further observations that I have made about the site since then--I mean, SOMEONE'S got to make them.  So if any GameFAQers want to leave any incindiary comments, don't give me that nonsense.  If somehow I touched a nerve, then at least tell me.


Well, let's recap all three contests.

Here's the first contest (make a video), the one that I entered and lost (scroll down to the bottom).
Here's the second contest (make a book/game/DVD cover):
Here's the third and final contest (make a comic):.

And here are my observations:

* Congratulations to BamboozledFox for bouncing back after coming close in the first contest.

* warutrid is the saddest person in the world right now considering he came in second twice in a row.  You know I wouldn't be happy about that, but this is GameFAQs bro, get used to it.

* The Games-N'-Things board (second contest) sounds like the best idea I've heard so far so I have to give a little credit there.

* I might add that there was already a paranormal board in existence before these contests so I don't know how this new one's going to be different besides the fact that's it's gonna be...ya know, private instead of public.

* To be fair, some of the ideas are not bad, but they're very general social-oriented boards which obviously, IF SOMEONE HAD TOLD ME AHEAD OF TIME THAT THOSE WOULD BE JUDGED MORE FAVORABLY, I WOULD'VE CHANGED MY MIND ON THIS WHOLE CONTEST.  I mean, if making video-game specific boards is a "lousy" idea, let me know ahead of time.  Instead, it was like "make whatever you want," which I think was disorienting cause you'd think you could get a board entirely on Pop-Tarts assuming you made a good enough entry.

* Read this golden nugget from the third contest which blows my mind:

I'd also like to add that although I liked the concept behind another of the entries, and have ultimately decided to create a board for it, I didn't feel like the name and comic were good enough to win the competition. However, I've been communicating with the creator of the comic and I'll be creating a board for the concept anyway. So congrats to Tarrun who will also be getting an LGBT private board as well. These two boards should be up and running shortly.

LBGT: Lesbian/Bisexual/Gay/Transexual board.  Now I have nothing against the idea of a board on that cause I know there's people that want to talk about that stuff, but that's besides the point.  BUT WAIT...I can understand creating a regular old LBGT board (kind of like a board on sports, politics, computer programming, etc.) but this is a PRIVATE board, not just a regular board.  So suddenly, this guy gets to jump the line and gets his own board because he had such a great idea despite having a sub-par entry?  What kind of crap is that?  It's like getting to jump the line at the amusement park.  Yeah, and funny that it would be on such a touchy issue as sexuality, like if the admin didn't make this board, then he's a homophobe.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.  Really, if you wanted to give the guy a private board, give him a joint 1st place, but this is just sloppy.

Not only that, but if I were a gay male (which I'm not) who wanted to post on a board like this, then odds are I would never know about this board, really, so that's great.  Which leads me to my next point...

* To post at the board, you need to be allowed access to the board (by the admin) beyond being given the link so it seems awkward enough as is to get people to go there...I don't even understand the point of a private board on GameFAQs when hardly anyone can find/gain access to it.  Like if I wanted to post at one of these new-found boards, how do I get there???  Huh?  WHAT'S THE POINT???  GameFAQs sucks.
Blah blah, I was going to make this rant longer, but let's just cut it off now.  Obviously the thing that ticked me off the most was when the Daytona USA 2: Power Edition board got shut down as if the site's future and well-being depended on it.

But in a sense, I do have to thank GameFAQs.  I have to thank them for kicking me out of the D2 board which gave me the incentive to start this blog which IMO is a bigger blessing than everything that GameFAQs has bestowed on me combined...  Here, I can post and not feel like I'm in a club that I don't belong and a bouncer taps me on the shoulder and says, "Sorry buddy, it's time to go."  The OOA board is the closest thing to my optimal private board on GameFAQs and you don't even have to "sign up" or anything.

So I'm still alive, we'll make it through.  PRIVATE BOARDS MY ASS.  Hopefully some Sega stuff next time.


EDITEDITEDIT: I looked at the Game of the Decade rules and guidelines and you can either choose a "Contest" entry or a "Karma" entry.  Contest entry gives you games, consoles, all that good stuff.  Karma entry gives you...get ready for it...karma and a damn private message board...


Grand Prize: A PlayStation 3 Move Bundle, an Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle, a Black Wii Bundle, or 10 games of your choice
Second Prize: A PSP Bundle, a DS XL Bundle, or 4 games of your choice
Third Prize: Three games of your choice
Fourth Prize: Two games of your choice
Fifth-Eighth Prize: One game of your choice


Grand Prize: 200 Karma + a private message board
Second Prize: 100 Karma + a private message board
Third Prize: 75 Karma
Fourth Prize: 50 Karma
Fifth-Eighth Prize: 25 Karma

What a joke, I think I'd take the video games over a message board.  Giving out these private message boards like t-shirts at a pep rally...shooting them out of that cannon OOH MAYBE I'LL GET ONE THIS TIME!  Sorry, not that big of a GameFAQs fan anymore to warrant all this karma.  And this is coming from someone who has posted there for over EIGHT years...

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