Saturday, October 30, 2010

Daytona USA Miscellaneous Links

I held off from posting because I already posted a ton of messages already...but I've been hoarding some materials that I guess would come in handy now.

Flattering Daytona USA article - This is from some user BigMex on  This is a good read.  It talks about how impressive Daytona USA is.  It also includes a paragraph on Daytona 2.  Props.

I thought this was a very interesting observation:

However these things were done from a Japanese perspective. Japan had more experience with GT and even F-1 racing. Those were cars that were created with racing in mind, rather than regular cars turned into racers by mechanics. The Japanese interpretation of the stock car was, for lack of a better word, dubious. The stock car was a foreign breed, a big and brutish American racer. It was unrefined and garish, much too swollen for racing, brightly painted in contrasting colors, a rolling reflection of the loud gaijin and beer swilling rednecks that adored driving 500 miles in a circle.

That's what's easy to forget.  Daytona USA is first and foremost a Japanese game.  You can't make games like this in America--the most obvious facet being the infamous Takenobu Mitsuyoshi vocals.  But the gameplay is just unusual because these stock cars defy physics...drifting, high top speed, ability to withstand wrecks without exploding; it just shames all American racers IMHO.  Especially considering how stock cars get a bad rap by the populace.

Some guy's Top 100 Racing Games list - This is another user-contributed article.  Surprisingly Daytona USA 2 made the list, among Daytona 1 and OutRun.  It really doesn't make much since since 1 thru 50 is on Page 1...and on Page 2.  So there's two #1 games, #2 games, etc.?  Who cares.

A Hilarious GameFAQs Top 10 list - Let me say this first--THIS LIST WAS FEATURED ON THE FRONT PAGE OF GAMEFAQS.  Repeat, FEATURED ON THE FRONT PAGE OF GAMEFAQS.  This is old, but pretty sad.  Two Burnouts and four Mario Karts.  Why is that these racing games are "money," but when it comes to Daytona USA or even other stuff like Initial D and Ridge Racer it's just crap?  To be fair, he has some "okay" picks like Forza and Test Drive, though Excite Truck negates any shred of credibility there.  Even if the list made sense, the paragraphs are short and do not backup the games very well so screw it.

From Uncyclopedia - WARNING: Don't go lurking around Uncyclopedia since it's NSFW.  It's a site for crude humor and nothing else.  Oh, and here's something from Daytona USA on that site.  Chase OJ in the Bronco using your trusty Police Hornet!  I don't think there's any other Daytona stuff there so don't bother looking.

Top 10 Arcade Games video - If you feel like watching some guy's video on the Top 10 arcade games, go ahead and watch.  Daytona USA is on there, of course.  Not much else to say.

Phantasy Star reference in Daytona 2 - Apparently the phrase "Little Wing" was using in Phantasy Star somewhere.  I know jack about Phantasy Star so if someone wants to confirm this, it would be semi-interesting.

Also, speaking of references, I hear that the space station in the Advanced course in Daytona 2 is a reference to Space Harrier, especially with the alien spider.  I don't believe it...but could that be another reference?  Please confirm that for me too.

Daytona USA Dreamcast thing - Just some article from Saturn Magazine.  For some reason, they use a pic of the Daytona 2 cars when they're actually talking about the Daytona DC game, WTF?  You can see Page 2 of this article plus some stuff on Crazy Taxi and some Dead or Alive pinups here:

Sega selling some games - They're doing well in terms of sales now.  This is good news, but mostly thanks to Vanquish, Bayonetta, and Yakuza.  Aside from Yakuza, I'm kind of pissed that everyone attributes Sega for this when all they did was publish it.  I actually talked about this previously here.

A Dead Arcade in Beijing - This is some old UK Resistance article.  It has an unplugged Daytona 2 setup as well as some cool Sonic pictures.  Not much else to say other than it's depressing as all hell.

Outrun, Daytona USA, and other posters - Some nice huge pictures of stuff, let me just post them here.  Use them as your desktop if you want, lol.  Click on the pics to enlarge.

Keiji Inafune leaves Capcom - Ok, I know Mr. Inafune has nothing to do with Sega, but I mentioned him a few times already so let's finish this saga.  He left Capcom after blasting the Japanese game industry and admitting that he hates his job.  He made Mega Man and Dead Rising.  Not much else to say--he may get a job with Platinum Games or something, suffer from a mental breakdown, or retire for good.  God Speed, buddy.  Whatever.

That's it, will be back for more action when I feel like it.

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