Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Quickie Links And Stuff For Everyone (Daytona/OR2, Nagoshi, Inafune, Goldeneye, Split/Second)

First off, I heard that OutRun Online Arcade was pulled from the Playstation UK Store because of the Ferrari license has expired which sounds stupid.  Why keep the 360 version but not the PS3 version (although I'd rather have one version instead of none).  So maybe it's not Sony's fault per se but it's still ridiculous.  I talked about this previously.

Now it's time for some informative links:

Daytona USA to OutRun2 Conversion Project - This one's actually quite old, but still worth looking at if you haven't.  Guy takes an old Daytona USA cabinet then tries to re-wire the Xbox into it for OR2.  He actually does this with two old cabinets so that he can get some link play going on, very neat.  It has plenty of pictures for you to look at.  The Model2 boards are fried so he actually can't play Daytona on it anymore...and this was before the Nebula Model2 emulator became popular so he was out of luck if he ever wanted to play Daytona on it.  But still if you want to check out what's going on inside of an arcade cabinet, be my guest.

More Split/Second DLC - This is the second DLC available for the game thus far.  Really, how's this game's popularity base faring to warrant all this?  Hey, I wonder what's going on with Blur, if it's still alive and kicking...

Also, I would like to bring up this point, talking about Split/Second, Blur, Burnout, you name it.  If I don't support these games, does that make me a bad person?  It's all about driving cars right, a passion for racing (even if it's laden with OCD aspects like big explosions, etc.) ?  The racing genre is in big trouble--I've touched on this for al ong time.  If these games that the devs bank on fail, then odds are you won't see much of anything to proceed it.  So basically, it's Split/Second or nothing.  The only way to get a new good Sega racer is to help these American racing games make headway for new stuff.  Is that how it works?  Buy more racing games to get even newer racing games?

No really, I already talked about Blur and Split/Second before, and they're just not doing it for me.  I'll end it there.

Crazy Taxi Port Will Be Wide-Screen - I think I may have mentioned this already.  True widescreen and no chopped graphics.  So it'll be of a finer quality than we expect.

Goldeneye Wii Will Have Preset Weapon Setups - Anyway, isn't this some "golden" news, haha.  I've talked about Goldeneye quite a bit before.  Regenerating health, aiming down sights, basically just a huge disconnect from the original, a Call of Duty mod more than anything.  Well, from watching this lengthy gameplay video, you don't run around and pick up weapons, you spawn with ones you like.  Really?  Is this catering to the noob element out there who's too lazy to run and pick up his own resources, like "waahh I got killed by the big gun, not fair this game is cheap"?  There's no guarantee this is 100% true because the devs are throwing in "modifiers" which allow you to do stuff like prevent camping and turn off radar, but really, I'm not anticipating much of anything to go my way at this point.

Other than that, it sounds like the guys were "having fun," which I guess means that people will be waiting in line to buy this!  Yeah, Goldeneye's back, baby!!

Sonic Redesigned To Appeal To Nintendo Fans - Coming from the mouth of Takashi Iizuka of Sonic Team (the same guy who said Sonic Colors will be the best Sonics ever), Sonic is now more appealing to Mario fans.  Sad that Sega has to bend over for Nintendo (see SSB: Brawl, etc.) and not the other way around.  Hey, this may be a good Sonic game, but it's sad Sega couldn't do it themselves without having to change the nature of their product...it's just sad that we've reached this point already...

Toshihiro Nagoshi Does Yakuza 2 Promo With Porn Star (2006) - I didn't know about this until now, but it's not really that surprising.  Here comes Nagoshi-San, looking all skinny and weird, smoking a cigarette, and here comes Nana Natsume, a popular Japanese porn star (dressed modestly here, don't get your "hopes" up).  I really don't know what's going on here, it just makes Nagoshi look stupider.  And when you see Nagoshi on TV, he looks really, really brown.  So let's see--chronic smoker, drinker, hangs out in tanning booths and with porn stars, I don't know what to say.

To illustrate the point, here's an old pic of Nagoshi back in his Daytona days:

And here's him now (as of 2006, about an 8 year difference):

What the--

Dead Rising 2 Psychopath DLC Gives You The Competitive Edge - Cause Lord knows that cheat codes are a thing of the past--just charge money for them and call it a day.  Besides, it's not like this game's THAT HARD anyway as long as you level up and use some common sense.

Keiji Inafune Hates His Job - The Megaman/Dead Rising producer already incited commentary by talking about how much Japanese games suck.  Well now he hates his job and wants to retire, maybe joking of course.  He could join Platinum Games just like his Capcom brethren and make some Bayonetta/Vanquish games.  Well, it's kind of unsettling for an aspiring game dev--not only do I have that slim chance of making the Daytona game, but I'll also hate every step of the way too...  And yes, I still have to open up a can on DR2 so you just wait Mr. Inafune.

And that's the end of this post.

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