Monday, October 4, 2010

Racing Gamebreakers And Daytona USA Tropes

I was going to talk about something else, mostly Dead Rising 2--beaten the story mode but am going back for achievements so gimme some time to come to conclusions.  I got off on a tangent and now I come up with a neat topic on the run.

First off, this deals with racing games in general.  Just cheese exploits that deviate from the very nature of the game.  I hate gamebreakers--they ruin the game.  Most of these apply to Mario Kart which is lolworthy to say the least.

My favorite has to be snaking in Mario Kart DS which is just lame.  It also exists in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing as well as in F-Zero GX.  To be fair, these glitches aren't easy to do (especially in F-Zero), but look at it this way.  Let's say you're playing Daytona USA and there's a glitch where if you mash the start button as fast as possible, you get a speed boost.  Is it challenging?  Yes.  Is it logical and makes sense?  No, not at all.

But there does exists a bug/glitch/exploit in Daytona USA.  In the Beginner and Expert tracks, if you drive on the gray strip adjacent to the pit lane, you can pass through without stopping.  This is probably my least favorite part of the game.  You might scream "Well, you're jealous cause you can't do it!!"  So what?  Even without the glitch I would still lose handily.  I just don't like it, but still props for doing a good job since it's very difficult to pull off seven times in a row.

And while we're on the topic of glitches, there's this famous glitch in Perfect Dark where you can clip the building and fall down to the exit below in six seconds.  Yes, it's very difficult to do, but ha, oh man.

And you want to get EVEN MORE NASTY???

I mean, let's not get started on how any character besides Yoshi/Toad/Peach is useless, but this guy's voice is awesome so watch the entirety of it.  Oh yeah, and The Netherlands = N64 gods.  Korea has Starcraft, Sweden has Counter-Strike, Singapore has arcade games, Holland has N64, I swear.  America has...uh, some FPSes, not all of them, and Guitar Hero, Rock Band.  Japan has fighting games, I think, and maybe DDR, although Korea may have usurped them, I don't know.  At least they have baseball (see WBC)...

All I have to say is that people will break every single rule that they can.  And that's fine, I'm not saying that they aren't allowed to, but if I were the developer and I had a chance to go back in time and fix this, I would.  Please don't take it personally.  Like I said before, you would still kick my ass.

And then I looked up some TVtropes page on Daytona USA and other games and they do exist.  Wow, really cool.  This is a user-created site like Wikipedia.  Some of my favorites are Crowning Moment of Awesome, Nintendo Hard, Scenery Porn, Stalked by the Bell, That's One Damn Level, and the best--They Just Didn't Care (referring to Championship Edition car textures).  It's a very flattering article and makes me happy that there exists Daytona USA diehards out there in unexpected places...

There also exists one on OutRun which is similar in nature.

All in all TVTropes is an interesting site to get lost in cause it's got lots of "haha that's so true" stuff.  Sorry I got carried away, I will see you fools later.

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