Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sega's Not The Only One Who's Deplorable

As a Sega/Daytona USA fan, I beat my head against the wall every single day knowing that the window of opportunity for a new Daytona game is slowly closing, only to be slammed shut by a myriad of shallow racing titles.  My body aches and groans every day because of this.  Screaming at the TV, at the laptop, in the car, at my family and friends, it never ends.

This is what my blog is for.

But other than my Daytona USA brethren, there's many others out there who have similar grievances.  Well, obviously, you got Dreamcast nerds who want Shenmue 3, but I already mentioned that.


Now I saw this Kotaku article which is kind of interesting.  It's about Mother/Earthbound.  Some fans are trying to make Mother 4 at the risk of getting a Cease and Desist from Nintendo.  Although thanks to this informed Kotaku commenter, Shigesato Itoi (Earthbound's creator) said he wouldn't mind a Mother 4 from the fans.  Clearly, these people have been teased by Nintendo for a long time.  Kind of like that Sega Racing Classic release back in Q3 '09 which led everyone to believe there would be new Daytona content for consoles, but no, it was just a re-release of an existing game for the same platform.


Oh, and by the way, if you're confused, Mother 1 and 3 were never released in America.  Earthbound = Mother 2 in America.

Anyway, I kind of knew about Earthbound cause this summer, I took some interest in the game and did a lot of research purely out of curiosity...  I think everyone knows about Ness from Smash Bros, DUH.  I never actually played the game though so don't get any ideas.  I think this dude does a much better job of explaining the series than I do (some profanity, but not much):


It's interesting that after being disappointed for so long, some people actually rally and do something about it.  Make stuff.  I can't imagine these people working on such a game and actually make it good, but I don't know.  Yeah, they have my support.  Hey, I guess working on projects like these are a step above jumping up and down like a four year old.  Also websites, blogs, fan art, fan fiction, third-party game mods, whatever.  Hey, do Forza 3 cars count?

Oh yeah, I guess it goes without saying that all parties applicable say their games are massively underrated.  You know what I'm talking about.

The only different between their cause and ours is that...well...they have a lot more people going for them.  At least they have big ass websites like these while we have...uh, some blogs and a Geocities page here and there.  Oh yeah, and they have their own games on consoles while I can't even play Daytona 2 or Scud Race anymore, that sucks ass.

Nintendo, you suck.

Anyway, what I'm really trying to say is that everyone has their own battles to fight.  I think I briefly touched on this before.  It's inevitable that many people will be disappointed by games.  I mean, game devs are people too so they and the fans are never in mutual agreement.  You can't expect to be "entitled" to these games cause you never get what you want 100% of the time.

Hopefully it doesn't lead to this.  Stay classy, fans.

I guess this is how I picture it--there is a sudden massive disaster in a highly populated area, such as a flood or a zombie outbreak. Some people make it to safety (or were already there, in this case, the losers who only play games released in the last month whom are never disappointed), but others die. That's just the breaks. Oh yeah, and this is figurative cause dying is worse than not getting a video game, I know.

I can't even begin to explain how much it sucks, but you do whatever you can in your power to improve your situation. I mean, if you're trapped in a burning building, you try to get out because that's all you can do. If you're playing a round of golf and you screw up bad early and are embarassed on national TV, you have to keep playing cause that's all you can do (sorry Tiger).  If your family is sick, you have to take care of them because that's all you can do.  So yeah, sorry everyone, that's life.

"Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it to be." - Jack Welch (ex. General Electric CEO).  Whether or not I've been breaking this quote, I don't know.  Hey. it's a good one so even if I'm delusional, at least you don't have to be.

Speaking of which, besides the Daytona 2 Forza 3 cars, I have something else I was working on that may not be that spectacular to some, but I may show it someday, so stick around and maybe you'll find out...

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