Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lol BlizzCon, Plus WoW Rant

Hmm, let's see, first you take this, which is a damn fine start I might add...:

Then throw in Tenacious D in concert...

Then add this "comedian" Jay Mohr who reads jokes off a freakin sheet of paper and there you go.  Blizzcon, the most annoying place in the world to be.  Stay cool, dudes.


EDIT: Now, let me just throw this in here too about World of Warcraft.  Let me make this brief cause it needs to be said eventually.  Now I don't like it.  It's not a "bad" game per se, but there's something about it that really stinks.  I've come to the conclusion that there's two reasons why people play it:

1. As a means to socialize with friends and strangers with your own little avatar and interactive environments.

2. Because you have nothing better to do.

I'm serious about 2.  I know a couple of people who really have nothing going for them at the moment so they give the game a shot.  Some of them become addicts while to others, it just rubs off.  The concept of leveling up and becoming stronger just makes me feel like a hamster running on the wheel.  And no, I've never, ever played the game before, not even for a minute.

My brother played WoW in the past and I've asked "What makes this game particularly exciting?"  He talked about these big raids and clicking on stuff and how there's all this strategy involved.  I guess it works like Pokemon in that you need to use the right moves at the right time, but it still doesn't sound like my cup of tea.  I'd rather play games that take "active" skill to play, like FPS, racing--the kind of stuff that commandeers your attention and makes you lock on and actively work to improve at.  Seriously, criticize Microsoft Achievement Points all you want, but at least those require you to play vastly different games to get, plus they're not mandatory unlike the leveling up in WoW.

And another thing, whatever happened to Warcraft III?  Did people forget that ever existed?  At least that game requires strategy and dexterity, but in WoW, you're just clicking on little animals ad nauseum to reach that next level or obtain that next stupid thing.  You'd think the game was a more elaborate version of Farmville...

I'll tell you that I know plenty of people here at college who play it and I'll be frank--I don't know any normal people who play this game.  Well, maybe one or two, but the ones who are "normal" probably went cold turkey from the game a long time ago--I'm not actively following them.

And what's sad is that I had a friend in high school who I was cool with.  We played computer games, Advance Wars on the DS, just hung out with someone who didn't seem deterred by my presence.  Then we went to college and became roommates (in private bedrooms, not shared).  Needless to say, he started to get into WoW, smelled weird, I didn't know what the hell happened.  Eventually he just dropped out of college and I never saw him again.  And then you've got my brother and his friends, some who are already long gone (one friend went from brimming with enthusiasm to emo depressed in a matter of years) while my brother went cold turkey and now he's working out, playing some Halo, having fun.

So really, I don't know what the hell's up with WoW and I know some people reading this may like the game.  But come on people, step back and re-evaluate your lives if you're in dire straits...

Oh, and if any smart aleck says "Well I don't know any normal people who play Daytona USA," then let me direct you to the OutRun Online Arcade board where there are many normal people who play these games so kiss my ass.

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