Monday, October 18, 2010

Wow, There Do Exist Other Daytona Fans Out There

I do random searches for new Daytona USA pics and I searched this deviantArt site for some Daytona USA stuff.  There's not much new, except for this (these pics may take a while to load):

And as a bonus, the Bird Line AI car:

INCREDIBLE WORK, WELL DONE.  Got all the details down right.  Click here to see the gallery as to give credits where it's due.  If you check around sometimes, you may find some new stuff.  EDIT: This is for Nascar Racing 2003 (the D-Univ II cars are anyway, probably not the Bird Line car).

Uh...I've heard about this Daytona Universe thing where these folks attempt to recreate all the Daytona cars plus more in some PC NASCAR game.  As a matter of fact, in my Daytona 2 Forza 3 video, I had some guys from that group post with extreme excitement.  So these pics above were made this month (October '10).  Obviously, they had to use my Daytona 2 book resource that I've posted two million times already.  I saw some of the old work that they did and it was way off.  Like here's the old Chums Gum:

Not as close as last time.

And then I expect these guys to recreate the Hornet, Grasshopper, Falcon, Phoenix, Oriole, Max, whatever cars are in those other Daytona games.  Too bad most of their old work was already deleted, as if they were ashamed of it.

Of course, I looked around like all hell for some reference to the stuff I posted but it seems to evade all I know is that somehow, my material got around.  I didn't expect to get credit for it, but it wasn't my material to begin was Sega's.  Thankfully, they're too lazy to try to get me for copyright infringement in the first place, haha.

Oh boy, you have NO IDEA how gracious I was to pick up this Daytona 2 book in the first place.  It changed everything.  I mean, I was getting REALLY PISSED OFF at the lack of Daytona 2 content on the web, but this helped kickstart the process of raising attention to this game...

Oh yeah, I did find two links to some Daytona 2 websites.  Here they are: - This site is super-old but it has some neat stuff on it, mostly tips on how to improve your games. - Copies some stuff from the above site, but it's relatively new.  The guy posted pics of my Forza 3 cars but not to my Photobucket, what's the deal?

I probably have a few loose ends I forgot, but I have about a billion tabs open in Internet Explorer right now so I'm gonna get rid of the clutter and end it now.

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