Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sega Stuff Again And An "Angry Mission Statement"

I'm really trying to enjoy my five-day weekend, but I just lost my train of thought so I'm gonna go over some simple stuff.  This is a crap post but let's go anyway:


Asked for "the biggest problem [facing] current games," Smith (creative director of NBA Jam) hit out at "the actions and attitudes of some of the gamers out there.

You know who they are. If they spent less time spewing ignorant hate on the boards and in online games, and more time rallying behind the great games they love and helping to build a thriving community that welcomes everyone that shows up to play with them - everybody wins. Nothing wrong with a little smack talk here and there, just wish gamers respected each other more.

Wow, I've thought a lot about what to say to this, but let's make it brief...

I don't like how many gamers are jaded, just blind haters, bash each other, bash games, cut that crap out.  If you don't like games, at least bring some logic to the table.  I admit to not liking plenty of games (Cruis'n/FnF, Burnout, overly violent games, etc.), but I'll tell you why and I'll be respectful to you if you like them.  I'm not taking away from free will--I just let you know what I have to say.  I'm trying to be rational here, but when I feel passionate about something, I'm gonna lay it all out on the table.  If I go overboard in the negative, then I have a purpose for it.  If you don't like what I have to say, then I'm up for an intelligent discussion.  I want to know what others think.  But really, the main point to the average gamer is to stop acting like a jackass--be a man, debate the issues...
Average to poor Sonic games have been delisted.  Some VP of Europe, Middle East, yada yada of Sega says:
“We have to do this and increase the value of the brand. This will be very important when more big Sonic releases arrive in the future.  We could make a lot of money on back-catalogue Sonic titles, but let’s keep the number of Sonic games available under control. Otherwise you can have cannibalisation. If there are ten Sonic games on the shelves, with people seeing Sonic Rush DS or Sonic Rush Adventure, this may not help our overall strategy.”
I think it would've helped if you made good Sonic games in the first place and saved us from this mutiny.
Yuji Naka wants to work on a Dreamcast 2.  Can it happen?  I don't know.  If Sega had the fortitude to bust their ass on a new console and produce a ton of games for it, then maybe, just maybe.  But I don't see Sega taking that big of a leap any time soon.  If Sega has to go third-party, then I'm fine, just as long as we focus on making good games first.  Like how's that new Sonic game working out for you, Naka-San...


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  2. Super Monkey Ball, Grid, Harley Davidson, Golden Gun, Giant Tetris, a UFO catcher and a photo booth...just seems like good old Sega at it again. Thanks for the post.