Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011

Well, well, well, it's nearly 2011 and I figured I'd give my final post early for all you people who will get to New Year's hours ahead of me.  Can't believe we have come this far in less than six months, starting in July after that damn GameFAQs message board mishap.  We've talked about everything, from Daytona USA to OutRun 2.....from Split/Second to Hydro Thunder.....from Rock Band to CoD: Black Ops.....from GameFAQs to Midway....from Days of Thunder to Field of Dreams.....from Toshihiro Nagoshi to Segata Sanshiro.....from the New Orleans Saints to broken-ass basketball games.....from furries to Chicken McNuggets.  I swear this is the best blog known to mankind and your insight of God's green earth will increase ten-fold by reading this.

Now, about New Year's celebration...well, I don't really care too much.  It doesn't have that Christmas spirit.  Just another day it seems.  You pop some cheapo fireworks and stay up until midnight smelling of smoke.  You take a look back at the year and think "Wow, that was a long time."  Don't really understand how long a year is?  Look at it this way...Take a day of your life; you wake up, eat, do work, go to bed.  Now do that 364 more times.  That's a long-ass amount of time for just a year.  So a number changes on a calendar and we do all these ritualistic things for it.  Not because of some patriotic or religious significance, just because we can...

I really don't know what I'm getting at here, but I hope you at least accrue a sense of self-worth and go out there and do stuff.  Like if writing this blog has any positive effect on your life (albeit a small one), then I've done my job.

And for gratuitous self-promotion, here are the so-called Top 10 Articles I Wrote In no particular order and in the end, I'll probably regret this list and will go back and edit it behind your backs so screw it:

1. Top 10 Nitpicks With Daytona USA 2001- Breaking down the game for the world (and Sega) to see.

2. Nagoshi-San and Osaki-San - Why Nagoshi is a bum and Osaki (of AM2) is the true mastermind behind Daytona.

3. Racing Is Scary - Why racing games should be taken more seriously beyond the level of Burnout and Split/Second.

4. Daytona USA Drama: Why I Like This Stuff - Me talking about the music and intangibles of Sega racers which move me this way.  An unofficial Part 2 to the "official" page I posted on the right: Why Sega Racing Games Are So Good.

5. Don't Get All Emo On Me - Longing for that new Daytona game and listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd.

6. The Gloves Are Coming Off - Ripping violent and depressing games a new one!

7. Adventures in FPSes - Winning And Losing - Part one of three of my FPS experience.  Deals with competition and pressure.  There are life lessons to be learned.  Also mentions the difference between an FPS and a violent game.

8. Adventures in Daytona USA - 2000 to 2005 - My beginnings as a Sega racer fan.  Part one of two articles (latter looking into the future).

9. NEW SEGA THEME SONG - Cause I thought it was hilarious and informative and you know it's true.

10. Top 10 Notoriously Bad Driving Games - Just for laughs, check out these terrible driving games.

11 (screw the rules, I can go over 10). Happy Thanksgiving And Dramatic Life Stuff - Close encounters with death and being thankful.

More terrific articles like this on my blog if you search hard and long enough (hint: click on the tags to the right).  Stay fly and have a safe 2011.  Here's to hoping for some REALLY good games this year.  Good night.

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