Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Yes, A New Sega Rally Game Indeed (Revo Stories, Bad Peripherals)

Happy February everbody.  Sega Rally Online Arcade is real and it's coming out soon.  Click here.

Just as I expected, it looks like Sega Rally Revo.  Well, according to the Joystiq article, it's supposed to be a brand new game--an amalgamation of Sega Rally 3 and Sega Rally Revo, both made by Sega Racing Studio.  Now what the heck that means, I don't know.  I have to plead ignorance here cause I know nothing about Sega Rally 3 (it is an arcade exclusive, after all).  I wonder what it'll do differently than Revo, if anything at all.  Or just a straight port kind of like OutRun Online Arcade--basic stuff with online features.

Judging from the screenshots I've seen, there doesn't appear to be any new cars or tracks so it looks like Revo stuff recycled again.  Look at the tarmac screenshot above--that's the canyon level where you drive on the dam--I remember that part...

Ok, that's all I have to say about this new release.  EDIT: Read my review here.


Speaking of Sega Rally Revo, I did play the crap out of that game and managed to get all the achievements except "1st Place Every Event In The Game."  I managed to beat the last event using the Lancia Stratos because the AI went into God Mode in the latter races so I had to hold on to my ranking, finishing 1st in the first race then 2nd in the next 3 races.  So that was a pain in the ass.

And this is a true story way back around '08-'09.  There are still people playing this game trying to vie for leaderboard rankings.  You know, that Xbox Live skill ranking: 1 through 60.  So I was playing the game minding my own business when a good friend F40 offered to help me boost for the 10 Online Wins achievement.  So I beat him 10 times in a row, got the achievement, it's all good.  However, my ranking score soared to 30+ which was enough for me to get in the Top 10 in the world.

Then I started getting tons of spam from other players--"hey, help me boost for a high ranking cause my friends cheated me, blah blah blah."  Some even bribed me with Microsoft Points (which I didn't believe).  It's stupid.  It's a damn leaderboard--if you want to win, do it yourself.  I had to piss off a few people who are like "eff you man" cause I refused, but who cares.  That was very un-Sega like if I say so myself.


Oh hell, I was looking at Kotaku again and there was this informative article on the Sega Activator.  Now I've learned a lot about old video games by just browsing around the internet (Angry Video Game Nerd, for one), but I must've forgot about this piece of equipment for the Sega Genesis:

Kotaku Article

This is basically the Kinect back in 1993.  And it sucked.  Much like many of the peripherals that Nintendo came up with, like the Power Glove and the Virtual Boy.  Seriously, Sega, can't believe you got high off the idea of coming up with new ways to play games when in the end, they just want to use the regular ass controller.  Screw it, wasted man power.

Sega = Guinea Pig Test Subject, come out with something "new," get ripped to shreds, then other people fall into the same trap.  Remember the new Sega theme song.  Sega, plowing ahead, getting our ass kicked before everyone else does.

Speaking of which, this Sega Activator thing reminds me of something else...  Ever heard of this Rock Band knockoff, Power Gig?  It came out a year ago and now it's trash.  Anyway, one of the gimmicks for it was...get ready for it...an air drumset.  Wow, outstanding.

Even if this thing work 100% as expected, isn't rebound supposed to be an important asset to drumming anyway?  Good luck trying to play a Blink 182 song while swinging at air.


Ok, I'm getting carried away so I'll leave you with one more thing--Hydro Thunder XBLA on sale (800 MSP) for one week only.  Now I don't recommend you buying it, but I do need to score points with the Midway crowd so there you go.

PS: New episode of Million Dollar Money Drop: Feb. 1st, 9 pm, 8 pm CT (after Glee), on Fox!!!!  It's back, baby!!!

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