Saturday, March 12, 2011

About To Go Home

After my Thursday trip to Epcot (which was pretty good BTW), everything wasn't so upbeat afterwards.  Friday, we went to Hollywood Studios which wasn't my favorite park.  I was incredibly depressed but I started to put on a smiley face to make my family happy.  Then on Saturday, my family debated about whether or not to go to Animal Kingdom or Epcot again.  Me and my mom wanted Epcot and eventually everyone agreed so we went to Epcot again.  Just walked about checking out stuff.  I feel bad that I screwed my family out of Animal Kingdom which they have yet to visit.

Sunday morning, I'm driving home nine hours straight.  This place is kind of cool but I wish I could relax at home again.  I can get the pics later which can tell a bigger story.


But then I thought about this song.  It's part of the Gold N' Fly mixtape--Goldeneye N64 music mixed with rap tracks.  Jay-z's Pray (Caverns mix, profanity) .  Now I normally don't listen to rap music but I thought this was pretty cool.  Thought of the lines:

As I observe, this is just one day
And what tomorrow has in store, we can never be sure
So all we can do is pray

I'm not an angel, I'm sure
But every night before I lay I drop my knees to the floor and I pray

It is good for people to run back to faith in the face of disasters, but it couldn't hurt to have it everyday.

That's all, I'm sleepy

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