Sunday, March 27, 2011

New CS Maps: Sonic Hydrocity/Mushroom Hill & Super Mario Bros. 2

I've still got a few of these maps to get done.  I know I still have to post the Disney World pics and other stuff, but so let's slip this in here now.

These are some of the earlier maps that I've made so they look a bit rugged, but still I thought these were cool maps.  Now I was tempted to go back and make a map for each Sonic 3&K level, but that would take a lot of effort for something I don't think would pay off.  If I did pick another Sonic level, I'm leaning towards Lava Reef.

I also added a funny thing to the Sonic maps...little powerup computers replicas.  One gives body armor, another gives a grenade, and another gives a TMP.  They flash an image of the item instead of a shield, rings, etc.  You just touch the comps and they explode.  Funny stuff ladies and gentlemen.

I still have secret maps coming your way.

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