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B****ES Don't Know About My Daytona USA 2


You having fun out there game nerds with all your little gaming conventions?  First, you got GDC which went on for like two weeks and then you got another PAX arcade expo, this one in the East.  Screw this crap, enough with all the gaming media orgies.

Anyway, as usual, these big game devs play a game where they decide what the best video games of all time are.  Let me rehash--I DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT WHAT YOU MAINSTREAM FOLKS THINK IS THE BEST GAME EVER.  But they continue to do it anyway.


It gets more interesting as I read this above Kotaku article and some guy has the guts to say that there are better 1998 games other than Zelda: Ocarina of Time.  Like Daytona USA 2.  Poor souls and their little Nintendo "hehehe, Nintendo, hehehe...Square...ehehe, Capcom" as they drool all over themselves.  As of right now, it's the featured discussion which means it's right on top of the article, but that may change in the future:


Ocarina of Time, like I said, isn't the best game ever.

It isn't even the best game to come out of 1998.

(Daytona USA 2, Need for Speed III, Half-Life, and Resident Evil 2 are just four better games that come off from the top of my head.)

Stephen's more likely to throw out Majora's Mask rather than Ocarina.

Or just throw Monday Night Combat into the mix. Uber will be there and will find the proceedings to be very lulzy.

You get your opinion, of course, but definitive language like "is" and "isn't" is a bit presumptuous when it's your opinion against what feels like most gamers'.
Daytone USA 2 better than OoT?

Um, what?

No, you enjoyed more these 4 games, but they are NOT better than Ocarina. Trust me.
Half-Life and Resident Evil 2? I don't agree, but I could understand your opinion. NFS3? That's a stretch. Daytona USA 2? Ok, you must be trolling...
The song of storms disagrees with you. 

And a typhoon of unimaginable destructive force is heading your way ...blasphemer !

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I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of the 99/100 on Metacritic.

The only thing wrong with it that Game Revolution could find was the crappy midi music

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Sounds like you just don't like OoT.
If the music quality was the worst part of OoT that's saying A LOT too. All too often to this day I still catch myself humming epona's song, song of time or zelda's lullaby.
Sorry bro, none of those are even in the top 5 best games of 1998.

(Ocarina of Time, Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, Banjo Kazooie, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, and Space Station Silicon Valley are just five better games that come off from the top of my head.)

Daytona USA 2 > Ocarina of Time = Universe Implosion!
If you're arguing using Metacritic, there's something horribly wrong with your argument.
Nintendo isn't the center of the universe.
It's still one of the best arcade racing games ever, period.
Ah, I feel left out since I did a straight-up trade-in for a new PSOne at Funcoland for my N64. I think I had two games for that system Super Mario 64 and Shadows of the Empire.
You sir are bizarre. 
Not presenting any reasoning or evidence is an even worse one, mate.

So far you presented an opinion as a fact, way to go. Congratulations. I'd still take my averaged score of multiple prestigious critics over the blind bias of some random commenter any day.

Ocarina of Time did just as much to the adventure genre as Half-Life did to the FPS genre. And I love both of them.

Water temple and Navi. There, OOT isn't perfect.

Sublime drifting model and I still play it 13 years later. There, Daytona USA 2 is perfect.

Nintendo isn't the center of the universe..? This reply is very poor. From a star commenter, besides.
Ok, Nintendo isn't the center of the universe, and neither Daytona 2 nor Need for Speed III are.

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There we have it, folks. A racing game with drifting. That makes it the most perfect game in the world. A racing game. With drifting.

By that logic, NFS Carbon should be the greatest game in the world! Your attempts at logic are laughable.

From what I can tell, Ocarina of Time revolutionized 3D Adventure games, and presented a pretty good story to boot for that era. Not to mention that the Water Temple, while annoying, is really well thought-out when you kinda think about it. Not to mention the fact that Dark Link completely nullifies anything wrong the Water Temple did. Loved that battle SO much.

And while it's fun to hate on Navi, the "Hey"s and such didn't really happen as often as you remember, as I found out. And I dunno, if they actually removed Navi from OoT, I think I'd actually cry. It's just that little bit of hate that you love, I dunno it's hard to explain. The game wouldn't feel complete without a blue puffball yelling what you need to do.

And you sir, I dearly hope you do not pursue a career in game criticism. You've obviously expressed that you're not particularly good at it. 


EDIT: Okay, gonna throw this in here for Mr. DVD Player.  Daytona 2 isn't the best just cause of drifting.  Please read the "Why Sega Racing Games Are So Good Article."  Great sense of speed, sound & music, tracks, etc.  BTW, Need for Speed: Carbon SUCKS, mediocre in every way.  And this is coming from someone who clocked 10+ hours in this game.

Game criticism...heh, go back to your little RPG games, get outta here.  Another cookie-cutter gamer, what else is new... 


Really, I don't give a damn about Daytona 2 being on these lists (as I've said before), but really, enough with this "best game ever" crap, just shove it up your ass already.  BTW, I also agree that Half-Life 1 was a great game and should get more credit.

I tried to leave a comment, but I keep getting this "Post Save Failed" error when I try to leave a comment.  So once again, Kotaku proves itself to be a sucky website.  I might update this post later if something comes up so hold on.  I'll try to get this twinturbo2 guy on the phone any way I can.


For the record, I do own OoT and I beat it twice already.  Do I think it's a great game?  Yes.  Do I think it's one of the best ever?  Well I personally don't.  See, that's whats so crazy--EVERYBODY has a different list of favorite games so why the hell are we making all these generalizations about the mainstream gamer in the first place??

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  1. eric, we may be getting Model 3 emulation for Scudrace and Daytona USA 2 this year or next year, and then we can play these games all the time forever and ever!! = )