Friday, March 25, 2011

Sega Charity, Sega Rally Arcade, NFS: Shift 2, RR 3D, Dumb Gamers (Dumbarse Links)

I've got a couple of links on the backburner that I really should get out of the way now.


Sega is auctioning a bunch of stuff for charity.  Mostly autographed memorabilia and shirts.  Now you can buy an OutRun 2 poster signed by Yu Suzuki.  Surprisingly I can afford it at the moment (just $250), but it's not worth it.  You have two days left, go go go.

Speaking of which, why is everyone's signature so illegible nowadays?  I mean, you can read my signature.  But other people, it's like they're waving the pen around like an ice skating routine.  What's the deal with that.

Talking about Japan again, they keep talking about the nuke reactors which they've actually got back on power now FYI.  What about the actual damage to the rest of the area?  Possibly 10,000+ dead.  Good Lord.  And I thought I had it bad through Hurricane Katrina.  At least you are hearing barely any news out of Japan which mean things can't get much worse from here.


Hey, if you want to learn more about Sega Rally Arcade, check out my good friend F40's post which goes into more detail about the content in the game.  Worth a read if you're interested.  Remember, 5 tracks and 13 cars.


Another GameFAQs poll! Which company would you most like to see in the next "vs. Capcom" game?...  This one was taken about a week ago out a sample of 60232 votes:

Square Enix: 30.67%
Nintendo: 27.22%
Shonen Jump: 12.53%
Konami: 8.4%
DC: 8.36%
Namco Bandai: 5.7%
Sega: 4.08%
Dark Horse: 3.03%

Why am I not surprised by these polls anymore?  Why do they even bother including Sega anyway?  Outdone by Namco again?  Hey, at least Namco has Soul Calibur and Tekken.  And Square Enix/Nintendo vs. Capcom....ROFL, there's your GameFAQs fanboyism in action.  Go stick to Smash Bros., kids.


Another gamer-turned-racer story: gamer comes in 2nd place in a 12 hour LeMans race.  So this guy out of Spain won the GT5 Academy contest and actually had the opportunity to race a world-class automobile.  He lost by about 10 laps (on Sebring), but considering how long the race is, it's still impressive.

But what's weird is that we had a story a while back about the best iRacing player who couldn't physically do more than ten laps in a Formula 1 car.  But suddenly you got this new guy who apparently has the stamina to go 12 hours of driving?  Maybe this new guy took his protein pills or something, I don't know.


And if you want to watch a professional driver play NFS: Shift 2, there you go.  Game doesn't look too bad.  Nice video, bro.

I wonder if it'll handle like Project Gotham Racing or will it go more simmy like GT or Forza.  Heh, you gotta do some real convincing to make me buy it :)


EDIT: Oh, and one more thing.  Sorry I'm late to post this.  Joystiq reviews Ridge Racer 3D for the 3DS.  They love it apparently.  Quotes from this review:

It may seem like a cash grab, with the game arriving at launch more or less unchallenged and bearing a well-known name, but while there's probably some element of that at play, there's no denying that Ridge Racer 3D is as strong an entry in the series as there's been in years.

The drifting-focused gameplay, while fundamentally unchanged since the mid-'90s, is pitch-perfect.

I have to hand it to Namco-Bandai: With the exception of omitting online multiplayer, it really put together a solid entry in the series for the 3DS launch, one that's easily high on the list of best titles available for the new system.

Score: 4.5 stars out of 5.

But WHOA there champ!  I seem to recall that two months ago, they put out an article stating the exact opposite--that the game is trash and Namco should be ashamed of themselves.  I quote from this old article:

It's clear why Namco chooses this strategy: it manages to obfuscate the franchise's lack of innovation with the technological advance each generational leap brings.

And here's another mark for unoriginality -- for the umpteenth time, Namco is intent on reusing "favorite courses from the past."

"Competent" is as effusive as I can get. 

Ridge Racer 3D continues the series' legacy of producing solid, albeit predictable, launch games. So what if we can't get excited for it?

Lovely.  First, you look at the game and say it sucks.  Then you play it and take it all back.  So what--is it good, bad, what the hell is this?

Good riddance, these gaming blogs like Kotaku and Joystiq are really pushing me to prescription overdose.  Okay, so the two articles are written by different people, but how stupid that they couldn't account for multiple editors''s the Wild Wild West when it comes to articles, throw up what you want.

I hope I'm not guilty of the same thing.  Well, maybe with Goldeneye Wii, but I never played the game so so what.

Read my Ridge Racer experience post here.

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