Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Three More CS 1.6 Maps: Hospital, Office, Another Office AND KZ JUMPING

EDITED 2 TIMES (just to fix broken pic links)

Consider this a "reverse birthday present," something lame that I give to you.  Three more CS 1.6 maps--not flashy but they have more detail then you see here:


Aw hell, see the rest of the maps if you click here.  Now I've still got many more maps to go.

I was playing some Counter-Strike with one of my long-time online buddies and he likes to play CS in a different way.  We all play the normal way--buy guns, shoot the other team.  Well he does something known as "Kreedz jumping," which is sort of like a GoldSource parkour game.  You jump around to do tricks, particularly long jumps.  It's actually very difficult since due to the free-wheeling nature of the GoldSource physics engine, you can gain speed by bunny-hopping and moving your character in a certain way (wave back and forth).

BTW, GoldSource = Half-Life 1, CS 1.6, Team Fortress Classic, Day of Defeat, etc.  It was introduced in 1998 by Valve.    Thank you, Wikipedia.  It's basically a heavily-modified version of the Quake 1 source code.  I've actually got my hands on the GoldSource code, but I was unable to do much with it (I created a little mod though).  I've said before that Valve likes to distribute their tools for user-created content so I got to check out the map editor (Valve Hammer Editor) and the source code.

WARNING: Music has a few curse words lol.

There are several ways to go about kreedz jumping.  One is that you just take a regular level and try to do the jump over and over again until you nail it.  You just say "Betcha I can jump from here to there," and you try it over and over until you get it.  Server plugins allow you to reset your location making it very easy to restart if you faill.  Hopefully, you will have recorded the demo & edited the clip for the highlight reel.

Another is to play maps specifically designed for kz-jumping.  Basically, you gotta make about a hundred jumps in a row to make it to the finish--either by climbing a mountain, clearing a bunch of rooms, and so forth.  Usually in these kz-specific maps, you want to finish as fast as possible.  Click here to check out an example world record run.

I don't expect anyone to understand this.  Seriously, it's foreign to many, but this kind of gameplay has a HUGE following.  People from all over the world make elaborate movies of their skills.  Like tell me if this isn't overkill:

If you thought kz-jumping was crazy, try surfing.  No really, you slide down these ramps and fly all over the place.  The GoldSource engine is CRAZY.  Of course, the opportunity to pull these tricks in a regular shoot-'em-up CS game is super duper rare.  There may be a few glitches such as the ability to climb into the skybox and "exit" the map, but as long as you're playing on fail-proof maps on a decent server, you shouldn't worry about it.

And back to my friend.  So we were playing CS and he likes the mall map, the Sonic map, etc.  Which is good.  Then I'm looking around at all these fun maps we used to play, the good times we had...I just don't give a damn about graphics anymore.  CS 1.6 is still a hell of lot of fun today--such a shame that it's dying.  Oh well, that is the nature of things.  These people are playing for the love of the game--they won't be super-popular at the end of the day, but so what.

I may talk more about game graphics later.  Not really going to talk more than I already have for now, I've gone on for too long.

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