Sunday, March 20, 2011

Disney World Trip Day 1 Pics (Wednesday)

This was the family Disney World trip we went on from March 9-12, 2011.  Ok, so I played the role of photographer, snapping lots of pics cause I can.  I'm only posting so many of them because I don't want to kill someone's 56k connection now, do I?

EDIT: Downsized the images to save bandwidth, click on the pics to see them in 512 x 384...lame.

We drove 6 hours starting Tuesday night.  Then we crashed at this Comfort Suites in Lake City, FL at about 1 am Wed.  Because all the beds were taken, I literally slept on two couch cushions and actually managed to get some sleep.  This is a shout out my hotel window.  This is also when I wrote this post.

Our hotel room; we only got to stay here for about 6 hours.  Then at 9 am, we got in the car and drove off.

At about noon, we FINALLY GET TO DISNEY WORLD and our heads exploded.

We stayed in Fort Wilderness back here...where everyone has a golf kart except for us.

Disney public ride this everywhere so get used to it.

But not today cause we hop on a boat to the MAGIC KINGDOM!!!

And we pass by all these buildings like this.  Hotels, maybe.
Gordon Freeman's truck, rofl.

We pass by the Steamboat Willie or whatever the heck it is.

We finally made it to the Magic Kingdom!!!  Let the memories begin...of torturous car trips, stupid whiny kids, and fighting parents.

NOTE: Before I go on, I might as well lay out Disney World's biggest weakness...NO HAND SANITIZER.  Seriously, no hand sanitizer in the stores but a lot of sunscreen.  No such dispensers anywhere either.  The happiest place in the worst is also one of the germiest cause everyone's touching everything.  So I had to stop in the restrooms to wash my hands all the time.  What a piece of crap.

Before you say "hand sanitizer is stupid," what am I supposed to do?  Roll around on the floor and stick my fingers in my mouth?

NOTE 2: Everything in Disney World has double the prices as everywhere else.  A big hamburger at McDonald's costs $3.  A hamburger of the same size in Disney World costs $6.  So get used to it.

This is Downtown Disney which sucks cause it's just stores  Damn overpriced stores.  Everyone's waiting for the parade, but parades suck (except for Mardi Gras parades which are only marginally better).

The Magic Castle or whatever.

But first, we go to Tomorrowland.  I wonder if in 20-30 years will this place be called Todayland?  Cause I remember coming here about a decade ago and the Tomorrowland theme still existed.  WTF

This is the Tomorrowland Speedway which has been here for like 50 years.  It's supposed to be the most exciting car ride in the world.  This ride is so childish that it makes Cruis'n World look badass.

Thankfully, we were able to cut through the two-hour line and get right on board...thank you Jesus.  Well it's just my luck...the #41 car...the HORNET baby!!

We're cruis'n now.  But your car is confined to the rails you see before you.  And you go 5 mph.

See that orange car in front of me?  I'm gonna slingshot and OVERTAKE his ass.

Damn, he seems to keep aluding me...I'd ride the apex of this turn but alas, I cannot do so.

And this is the end of the race.  I don't even know what position I came in.  But did I set a lap record?  Too bad no one's counting.

Thank God I didn't sit in line for two hours for this.

Wow, we were really going 220 mph back there.

Ok, let's get out of Tomorrowland...going back to the lousy present.  And we're walking around and stuff.

The Hall of Presidents!!!  Debbie Downer's favorite ride.

The Presidential Seal of America.  Communists can kiss my ass.



The Hall of Presidents ride, narrated by Morgan Freeman.  As I was leaving, I saw pics of Benjamin Franklin who was apparently tearing up..."I should've been President!!!"

Now for the scary ass Haunted Mansion.

This dude was such a pimp.

NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED.  Well, the guy didn't say that yet so it was fair game at the moments.  Haha, losers waiting in line for this crap.

So these are pictures I took with no flash.  As you can see, I was too busy pissing my pants to get a clean shot of the ghosts.

Another terrifying pic.

Ok I get it, these pics suck.  I get off the ride having acquired enough nightmare fuel to last a lifetime.

It's a dumb world after all.  We didn't go on this cause my mom was too busy walking around confused to do anything.  I already know what it's like though.

The elephant ride thing.

After pleading with my parents, I FINALLY go back to the Tomorrowland Arcade.  My pilgrimage to the 8-player Daytona cabinet is complete...or is it?

NO F***ING DAYTONA USA CABINETS.  They were replaced by 6-player Nascar Arcade setup.  Why?????

They did have a deluxe Outrun 2: SP cabinet.  This is the first time I played this game in an arcade.  The stupid game cost $1.50 despite the fact it says "Insert 3 credits" so each quarter is 1/2 a credit.  Stupid jerks.  

I didn't like the deluxe cabinet that much though--no stick shift gears and wear & tear made it a nailbiter on my quest to finish Route D (Milky Way).

There was also a twin original OutRun 2 cabinet.  This one cost just $1.  And I managed to clear Routes B and E which apparently 99% of the arcade population couldn't do looking at the high scores list.

There was also a Mario Kart arcade game which I know jack about.  I've seen it multiple times before but anything that's not Fast & Furious is an improvement.

But adjacent to the OR2:SP cabinet was a bigger Fast & Furious cabinet.  Now you know why I hate this game so much.

Even worse were three twin FnF cabinets...this game is everywhere, taking over arcades like a cancer...

That's it man, I'm leaving this garbage arcade.  At least OR2 made my day...sort of.

I found Donald Duck!!!

We walked by Splash Mountain.  I didn't ride it because I'm a wuss who's afraid of heights and vertical drops.

Instead, we went on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride which was just as lame as the Haunted Mansion.

Damn, enough with the garbage dark photos. I yelled out "You suck" to Jack Sparrow cause I literally wanted to walk out on Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and throw up.

And by then, my camera ran out of batteries.  Damn, this "new" camera eats batteries like a fat kid eats freakin cotton candy.  I did see Sebastian the Crab and that Candleholder dude from Beauty and the Beast dancing on these pedestals to obnoxious music.  What the hell is going on in this place.

And that concludes Wednesday.  We went home after visiting a place that I don't think entertained any of us.  I then made this post.  Three more days left of pics though so stay tuned!!!


  1. awesome trip pix man! glad you got some outrun2 and outrun2:SP arcade games in!!