Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tomorrowland Arcade Is A Disappointment

I'm talking about Wednesday:

The best way to describe Disney World is a big city (Lake Buena Vista, FL) with a bunch of parks/zones connected by a bunch of avenues.  So there's Magic Kingdom, Epcot, a hotel, another hotel, a campsite, a shopping center, a golf course, an ESPN place, another dumb thing, etc.  And you can go anywhere by hopping on one of a million buses that are zipping all around the place.  There's also a 40-mph monorail between Epcot and Magic Kingdom, yaaayyy.

I want to post pics and stuff, but I'm in a hurry.  So we went to Magic Kingdom and walked about for six hours and it got a little rugged.  Halfway, my parents decided it was "okay" for me to go visit the Tomorrowland Arcade because, as we know, arcades are a "waste of time" and we should be spending our time riding the Pirates of the Caribbean ride for the n-th time.

Tomorrowland Arcade does NOT have an eight-player Daytona USA setup anymore...!!!  No way, this is BOGUS, man.  It has a twin OutRun 2 setup and a single deluxe OR2: SP cabinet.  They cost $1 and $1.50 respectively.  I only got to play each three times and I did okay.  It was my first time playing OR2 on the arcade cabinet.  It wasn't terribly exciting since I have the game at home.  Other games included a six-player NASCAR Arcade setup (why???), a bunch of Fast & Furious games (damn), and a two-player Mario Kart GP cabinet.

As for the rest of this amusement park, well, reminds me of Daytona USA 2, oh yeaaaaahhh:

Daytona 2 = certainly more exciting than the 10-mph on-rails Tomorrowland Speedway of EXCITEMENT:

Where's the real go-karts?

Pictures later cause the internet here is limited and I'm just trying to get out posts here hastily.  I hope to deliver a more cohesive summary later.

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