Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy 23rd Birthday Meaningful Post

Crappy clipart.

Well, today is my birthday.  I'm 23 years old.  My God, I can't believe I've made it that far.  Like I said, I was born on Leap Day (Feb 29) so I've moved my party to March 1.

I'm looking back and again I really don't know how I made it this far.  I've always been filled with anxiety.  Strange things too.  Like I'm scared to be famous/on TV, I'm scared of alcoholic beverages (??), I'm scared of the Super Mario Bros 2 boss music, I'm scared that me or my brothers/friends will be kidnapped.  Yes, it was really stupid.  Obviously my fears have shifted towards more serious things like the state of video games, the news, the future, etc.  Just pray about it and go to work as usual.  "Everything will be okay in the end.  If it's not okay, it's not the end."

To tell you the truth, over the last eight or so years, I've really felt terrible in a number of ways.  Depressed, emotionally sensitive, often alone, but not "emo" where I look all creepy and hate the world.  But one thing that gave me optimism was Sega racers, mostly Daytona USA 2.  Really, it made a world of difference.  I already talked about my adventures here.  I don't know where I'd be without these games.  When Sega racers showed up, they struck me with a level of professionalism that I have to match.  So it took me a long time to mature but I feel that I have now.

Of course, despite the professionalism, I still want to be a kid.  Just hang out, play with my toys, do crazy stuff, that would be nice.  No, I don't want to revert to my old self but there were certain aspects about it that I've liked.

Now that Daytona USA 2 is gone, it's sort of like riding a bike with training wheels then you take them off.  Good luck trying to ride that bike without training wheels--you can do it!  Then you're on your own now.  Do it without Daytona, I know you can do it.

About my birthday party, well I didn't really have any plans other than to go to a fancy restaurant (Copeland's) with my family then have a small party (with a NASCAR cake) hopefully with a few of my friends.  For presents...well, I guess I'll just take cash.  That way I can save up for Microsoft Points or give it to charity or something.

LOL those tire tracks really got me.  Just replace that car with the Hornet and we'll be rockin.

For my birthday, I want everyone to be happy.  If even for just a moment.  This is a song from Rock Band 3, but so what.  The first minute of the song really gets me in a good mood and hopefully it won't annoy you as well.

If you want to give me a "present," just follow this blog, leave a comment, vote in the poll on the right, or just give my site a few hits.  Please don't feel obligated to do so.

Here's to hoping for another good 23 years and many more after that.  Hopefully filled with Sega goodness.


  1. Happy birthday, mate! :) Great meeting you online.


  2. Thank you for your kind words. You have a good one too.

  3. Happy Birthday Eric, I'm 33 in a couple of months. It's rather strange as I think of my twenties as quite a happy and secure time in my life....probably as they were mainly spent in the arcade. Now that the arcades have lost their magic (too much deja vu) the same insecurities from my teengage years have cropped up again. Hopefully now I'm older it should be easier to work through them...time wil tell.

    Anyway have a good one!

  4. Thanks. My day was uneventful but I feel alright. You can't take my arcade experience from me. I still have high hopes for the future. And now that I'm a year old, I'm a year wiser and that's not a bad thing either.