Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Shenmue 3??? And New Sega Rally Online Arcade Stuff

Yu Suzuki at GDC '11: 'I think Sega's going to let me' make Shenmue 3 

Suzuki may be teasing us again like he always has, but who knows--maybe this is for real.  I think I finally beat model3 to something.  We'll see about this...  Like I said, I'm not a Shenmue diehard, but this would definitely be good news.  NOW ONTO A NEW DAYTONA GAME!!!

Also, I wonder who made this powerpoint, lol.  Defeaters of USSR: Ronald Reagan, David Hasselhoff, now Yu Suzuki...:

EDITAGAIN: The second slide of this thing--it mentions Daytona USA.  No Daytona USA 2, no Scud Race, no OutRun 2, but it mentions 18 Wheeler???  I love how in the Kotaku article some commenter says, "Those are some good games, nothing I would call great or classic though."  Now this guy is a genius who's got it all figured out, lololol.  Go back to playing with your Nintendo Wii.

EDITEDITEDIT: Ok, now I know why it mentioned the Soviet Union.  Yu Suzuki wanted the powerful graphic chips available for his Virtua Fighter series, but the ones he wanted were only allowed to be used by the US Military.  Apparently, the Soviet Union had similar hardware.  After the USSR fell, some of their technology was sold to private companies.  So Suzuki browsed these companies and negotiated for these high-end chips.  Therefore, Suzuki made Virtua Fighter 2 out of ex-Soviet technology.  That's what it says on Kotaku.  Strange news, comrade Suzuki.


EDIT: Oh, and more info has been shared about Sega Rally Online Arcade at GDC.


Combination of Sega Rally 3 & Revo.  It will run on the arcade engine, not Revo's.  It will have just 13 cars, all of which handle the same (this is more good news than bad, no "cheese" cars).  There are only FIVE tracks, very disappointing.  Online play is capped at six players max.  It will be for Xbox 360 and PS3 for most likely 800 MSP.

Anyway, game seems kind of cheap, but hey, it sounds good.  You tell me what you think of it.

Thanks Joystiq.


Oh yeah BTW, the 4-game Dreamcast "Compilation" came out Feb. 27 so now you can play Space Channel 5 and Sega Bass Fishing on your Xbox 360's now.  Sweeeeeeeeeet.