Friday, October 7, 2011

A.R.I.: The Definitive Moon Rover Simulation/Adventure!!!

Play my second game for FIEA!!!  A.R.I. (Artificial Rover Intelligence).  This was designed over a two-week period.  I was responsible for the car handling & powerups (as usual...) although that was made somewhat easy because of Unity's built-in functions.  PLAY THE GAME!!!!  Compatible with keyboards as well as Xbox 360 controllers.

The phrase "I found it!" become somewhat of a meme around school.  I had no involvement in that, so I'm just saying...

The guy responsible for writing the script & voice-overs was impressed by the way the car handled.  I said "If the car drove like a brick (didn't lean/bend), it would be boring."  So there I go again, channeling my inner Sega racer!!!

Also, one of my friends (not part of my team) said, "Your dream is to make the ultimate racing game?" and I'm like "Pssssshhh yeah."  Though I didn't divulge on Daytona USA & stuff, it's kind of cool that I've established myself as the "racing game guy."

I still have to post Version 1.1 of 30 Seconds or Less (the Pizza Delivery Flash Game) but I'm on the verge of doing so.  Gimme a sec to put that on DeviantArt...


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