Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wow! Battlefield 3 Is The Best Game Ever!!!

Your body leaves the arm model?  I have NEVER seen a glitch like this before.  Bravo, Dice & EA.

*whoop* Nope.

I know this is a beta, but have you ever seen a buggier FPS than this?  Game comes out October 25, so they have a month (maybe more depending on how old the build is) to fix it. This just plain looks nasty. Whatever happened to defensive programming???

Really, it's not like this is the first ever Battlefield. I can understand if these are obscure glitches (break story mode triggers, stand in certain spots & mash numerous buttons) but how can things like crawling, walking, & shooting be so difficult?  Especially considering how priority these things should be because...you know, these are aspects that you notice pretty much all the time.  If they're building the game from the ground up, sure, it would be difficult, but they have previous BF code to build off of...holy cow.

EA will fix most of the bugs (which is good and should be commended nonetheless) with a continuous stream of post-release patches (even if you whip the programmers & pull 18 hour days to fix every bug)...damn, isn't game production awesome? Like if you paid upfront for a hi-def TV at a local retailer but you were mailed the remote a week later and then the HDMI cable two weeks later. It isn't "that" big of a deal but it makes the seller look very incompetent.

I know, I know, Battlefield is a good game so don't think this is a "Battlefield sucks" post.

Call of Duty isn't nearly this bad. *rofl*

Bonus footage!!!

Is it just me, or the more advanced technology gets, the stupider these glitches look?  Or is it EA's fault?  Remember the NBA Elite Jesus Glitch?  EA is laughable, rofl.

EDIT: Nevermind, Battlefield 3 is a good game, they fixed most of the bugs I suppose.

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