Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sega Throwing The Fans A Bone (& Forza)

Recently, I've spent a lot of time polishing this moon rover Unity game for school and now we are "done."  So I'm exhausted but still feeling good.  Nice to come home to Daytona USA 2 & Scud Race, that's for sure...


Anyway, Sega is running a little contest.  Watch the video and take a guess at which video game they're talking about.  I'll give you a hint: it begins with "D" and ends with "aytona USA."

Harmless lovable little fuzzball...  So, send an email to "sweepstakes@sega.com" with the subject "Name That Game!"  Enter the game name (oh boy, this one is tough) as well as your name & address.   10 randomly chosen entrants win a free game, or something.

I love it.  I already knew that we were getting that Daytona USA port ahead of time but for some, they may be pissing themselves over this since this is Sega's "official" announcement.  A video with a white rabbit sitting there.  Hey, now fuzzy little bunnies aren't that bad, I tell you what.

BUT WE DID GET ONE NUGGET OF INFORMATION FROM THIS...the video plays Rolling Start AKA King of Speed and--get this--it's the arcade version of the song!  So are we getting the Arcade version of Daytona instead of the Dreamcast one?  Maybe!!

Hmm, so Mike Hayes was probably right about Sega reinventing those classic IP's.  Daytona USA, Virtua Fighter 5, and Sonic CD.  I guess I was wrong after all.  Go get 'em, Sega.


Oh, by the way, I sent an e-mail to the Sega fansite SEGAbits informing them about Bart's Supermodel emulator.  They actually posted a brief article about it.  Thanks SEGAbits!!  Getting the message out there...


Aaaaannnddd....check this out.  Here's some footage of Forza 4.  A BMW plowing into other cars.  The damage models are really weak although tons of paint come off of them.  It's just weird so check it out:

Now, when this game comes out, I will have to buy it.  My solemn duty is to recreate the Daytona USA 2 cars and put them up on the Marketplace as soon as possible.  I know some of you don't like Forza but that's what I gotta do.  I sure hope they balanced the PI ratios so that 4WD cars aren't OP...

And how about this trailer too:

Well, Jeremy Clarkson's right.  You try to drive a nice car in real life and you get gunned down for many reasons--gas prices, government intervention (they're trying something like this in Europe), the "eat the rich" mentality.  Whatever happened to just driving for fun?  Drive to live, baby.  Just let those tires spin.

Video games are always a good bastion for aspiring drivers since you don't need lots of cash & spare time to do so.  Plus you can crash without regard for anyone's safety.  So while me any many others bash the racing genre nowadays, at least it's still alive and that's a good thing.


  1. Saddens me to see Forza still lacking realism.
    Driving "simulators" just aren't going to be truly realistic until a real damage model is added. No damage encourages reckless driving, you can bounce off of other people's cars to your advantage and ram everyone off the course without any side effects. Same goes for Gran Turismo, the so-called "real driving simulator"...
    Now, I don't hate Forza or GT, it just annoys me that, even though current hardware allows for more realism, developers choose the MORE CARS AND TRACKS way instead, using costly, time consuming and pointless methods (laser scanning, among others) to recreate everything in as much detail as possible. Someone on Youtube posted a comparison vid between a GT5 course and the same, laser-scanned course in iRacing and I couldn't tell a difference. Pointless.

  2. Forza does have optional "simulated" car damage. Damage certain parts of the car and it'll hinder your car's performance. Right now, this guy is playing in casual mode (no car deterioration).

    And Forza/GT are cheap in some aspects, but most people want features over intricate details. Now I'm also fascinated by superb car damage but I also like tons of cars & tracks and, unfortunately, you can't have both.