Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thanks Sega For Daytona USA And Ghost Squad!!!

Don't have much time to post so let's just share what I know good so far...


Holy cow, I'm really impressed.  Slick FPS, better draw distance, vibrant colors, and the handling looks intact.  It's pretty much the same vintage Daytona but with a coat of polish.  I think Sega deserves three thumbs up (although you only have two) for this because they've really silenced a lot of critics (including myself) with this port.  ROUND OF APPLAUSE, BOYS AND LADIES!!!

Though I am curious about one thing.  Did they fix the glitches/exploits of the pit stop shortcut and the bounce-off-the-wall trick?  Something inside of me says to do away with any silly little things that are outside the intended bounds of gameplay.  This is not a knock on those who are super-good at the game since they will beat an average Joe like me on any given day (that is, until I start practicing).  But if Sega got rid of those exploits in gameplay, would that piss off more people than anticipated?  That Sega tampered the purest form of Daytona available?  Would that be a bad idea to remove bugs from the game?  I wonder what you think about it.  Watch the videos here (Beginner & Expert) to see what I'm talking about.

Did Sega fix the cracks in Daytona USA?  Maybe, but only a "Sega Racers Megamix" would do it for me.


And not only that, but Sega is making people happy outside of racing games.  Like check out this guy from Thailand playing Ghost Squad, a Sega-AM2 shooter from 2004.  His performance is nothing short than perfection.  Yeah, this video has gone viral but if you haven't seen it now, then today's your lucky day.

Meanwhile, those kids standing next to him playing Time Crisis 4...they're just standing there all bored, rofl.



  1. like a lot your blog. love when you defend SEGA. This is a place where the SEGA fans feels at home. Just a question, why do you hate Nagoshi so much? Is because he is not more working on racing games? Greetings from Portugal.

  2. Welcome and thanks very much for your compliments :)

    I don't hate Nagoshi although I have been at odds with him for a long time. I have a problem with him because, ever since 2003 (when he made F-Zero GX), he has shrugged off his racing game legacy altogether. He did good work with Daytona USA and Scud Race yet he won't even mention those games anymore. Instead, he is obsessed with making Yakuza sequels, doing photo-ops with girls, going out drinking and visiting tanning salons to work on his already brownish complexion.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't begrudge/despise him of his lifestyle but ever since he stopped making racing games, he's been off in this whole different world. I don't expect him to make many more racing games but he is just acting strange, that's all. He also serves as a perfect foil--someone to blame for Sega's racing "demise." He's too easy to make fun of and that serves as good entertainment (for me, anyway) :)

  3. i play ghost squad religiously like that guy all the time on my wii at home! haha. he is a mega pro. we all aspire to be like him.