Wednesday, October 12, 2011


WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG SEGA!!!!!!!!!!??????????

Good, it's coming out for XBL and PSN very soon!!!  But why no hard copies of the game?

I think it is interesting that the AM2 logo is there. Maybe the actual AM2 team OR Toshihiro Nagoshi is involved! I would like to learn more.

Also, 8-players max is really lame. I know the original had just 8-players but come on. Not like I'm surprised if this is a high-definition port.  At least the draw distance & textures look damn good.  Like what they did with the XBL Perfect Dark port--more of the same goodness...

EDIT: Just realize the Achievement list has been leaked.  Most are easy but three of them are interesting.  Challenge Mode???  Survival Mode???  Karaoke Mode???  Karaoke, awesome...wish it were like Rock Band though (match the pitch).  GET THESE SONGS INTO ROCK BAND!!!

But really that I think about it. You're doing it all wrong. Here, let me illustrate what you should be doing:

GET THE HINT?????  I got plenty more Photoshops to go through!!!!!  Including Daytona: CCE and Virtua Racing!!!!


BTW, I'm fully convinced that BlogSpot hates Internet Explorer. Because whenever I post the YT embed code in IE, it screws it all up. Not so in Firefox. Plus, not to mention I won't stay logged in on IE. If only Firefox wouldn't take five minutes to start up then maybe I won't have to resort to IE.


  1. nice fotoshops! wow, daytona USA is ours!! = ) only 2 weeks man!

  2. don't forget, sega loses the ferrari license next month too so get outrun online arcade while it still exists.

  3. YYEEAAYUHHHHHH, ok I thought the Ferrari license ended on Jan. 1, 2012 but I may be wrong. I was going to bring up the OOA issue in a future post. Yes, go do buy the game now if you haven't already.

  4. You could always use Google Chrome. That's how I roll. Seems to work rather well.

  5. There's a new Daytona game and all you can talk about is Internet browsers!?!?!?!? What's wrong with you!?!??!?!!? jk