Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Blog Is Being Victimized! And Nagoshi Is An Addict

Happy October everybody and--oh crap, just realized that my milk expired at the end of the month...I didn't have much left anyway.

I take a look at my blog stats and something weird's going on.

The number of page hits per hour spikes at set intervals.  They seem to happen 32-36 hours apart.  This leads me to believe that bots are scanning over my website, trying to sucker me into a system of intimidation and manipulation, the likes of which I've never seen.  It's just too coincidental that I would get 150+ hits every 32th hour on such a strict regimen.  And the reference links really don't give me much info either--it's just coming from nowhere...

GTFO spammers, I'm part of the Blogging Watch Zone.

Oh, by the way, I was reading more Cracked articles (damn, this site is addicting) and I stumbled upon something interesting.  Apparently, tanning can become an addiction:

Tanning meets all the criteria for a drug that creates psychological addiction. The mechanism isn't much different from spicy foods -- in the process of frying themselves, a frequent tanner experiences a release of those same beta-endorphins, the morphine-like opioids that your brain creates to numb pain and deal with stress, presumably because it thinks that your body is currently in the process of being slowly grilled to a crisp. And just like with regular morphine, you can get addicted to the pleasurable sensation.

Actually, you know what? Let's ditch the morphine comparison completely, because it turns out tanning beta-endorphins can be up to 80 times more powerful than the big M. Hell, tanning can even create the physical sort of dependency regular drug users know and love, complete with withdrawal symptoms that can easily be every bit as severe as those of heroin.

Now I'm not saying that tanning is a scientifically-proven addiction (I'm not a doctor), but, uh, it all makes sense now...

I'm also drunk, haw haw...

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