Saturday, October 22, 2011

Now You Know That Sega Makes The Best Racing Games!!!

This is old but nevertheless, I haven't mentioned it yet (I think).  Found this pic today.

Ayrton Senna's Sega trophy.  The 1993 European GP at Donnington Park (or is it "Donington"...oh well) in Leicestershire, England.

dat trophy

Sega ads plastered everywhere!  Hey look, it's Sawnik the Hejhog--PINGAS!!!  But no sign of OutRun, Virtua Racing, etc. which is understandable.

A rainy day for Brazilian driver Ayrton Senna but that didn't slow him down.  He went from sixth to first place in the first lap and didn't let up since, partially because he was able to circumvent the drivers' need to switch from dry to wet tires frequently during the race.  In 76 laps (average lap time 1:20), he lapped every single car (except one).  He finished 1:23 (one minute, 23 seconds) ahead of second-place winner Damon Hill.  Funny because Hill was the one doing the photo-ops with Sonic.

So Senna beat "Sonic" at his own game.  Because of Senna's complete annihilation of the competition, Sega awarded him with his own Sega Genesis, Game Gear, and Master System games.

This...not so much. :(

There was even this weird Saturn game called "Ayrton Senna Personal Talk: Message for the Future."  Okay, a video game about a guy talking?  FREAKIN' BRILLIANT!!!

Unfortunately, Senna died at 34 years old in the 1994 San Marino GP.  Just like Dan Wheldon huh?  Terrible stuff...guy was a pro too.


Oh well, this post is to show you how wacky Sega is with these race cars...Nintendo couldn't get away with this but Sega could.  Like Sega and Michael Jackson.  Goes to show you that Sega are RACING PROS, and DO NOT DOUBT ME.  Piss off Nintendo, go sponsor some go-kart races down by the local amusement park/putt-putt course.  Cause Sega's got FORMULA ONE locked down already.


  1. Hi Eric, I actually went on one of thoses Sega buses when I was 16 (1994). Our city used to hold an annual air balloon show and it was part of the event. Me and my friend won an Megadrive/Genesis Virtua Racing competition and both a Sonic T-Shirt. Unfortunately the following year, the bus developed a power fault and was taken away before it even set indication of the bad times ahead for Sega (ie Saturn & DC failures).

  2. If they had a Sega bus drivin' around, I'd get on that bus no matter where it goes!!