Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Begging Turn10/Forza 4 To Do This (Daytona 2)


1. Fix the PI system so that 4WD cars aren't overpowered, make it so ALL the cars are fair and balanced...I want to be able to drive Ferraris and compete fairly.  I mean, when it comes to 4WD, some horsepower should be lost while spinning four wheels instead of two, something not noticeable in F3.  I'm sick and tired of the Audi S5/Dodge Viper 4WD whores out there.  Cause this has completely turned me off from the game.

2. Be able to import car designs/decals from Forza 3.  I know you couldn't do it from F2 to F3.  Cause all the time I think about the Daytona 2 cars I made and I don't want to do them again.  But let it be known--even if I have to redo them again, I WILL DO IT.  Just like the song says, I CAN DO IT!  But I would prefer if I don't have to.

3. Add more than eight players at once...add more tracks (preferrably interest ones, with more stuff on the horizon), cars, make it so that you don't have to wait five hours in the online lobby before the race starts, whatever.

4. EDIT - Throw this in here too.  How about the option in multiplayer to "increase the weight" of the cars?  You know, so if there's a reckless dummy or two on the track, if you get touched, you don't immediately hit the grass/outside wall?  Reduce the number of spinouts since they really ruin the gameplay.  If people don't like it, give them the option to turn it off.  I know it's not realistic, but then again, being able to smash head-first into a wall and forget about it isn't either.  Just making it more fair especially since wrecks come a dime a dozen all the time.


I've been going back and looking at the Forza 3 cars and I know I've spoken ad-nauseum about this.  I'm not asking for you to go out and buy these from the storefront (I don't need it).  I just like these cars so much and I want to save the work for myself.  Now I'm going back and taking as many photos as I can of the cars for documentation purposes.  Here's some basic shots--they're still a bit "shiny" cause that's how Forza 3 works, but still, just throwing them out there:

Comparison shots to the original game:

You can see many photos like these in my Daytona 2 Photobucket gallery.

I'm also going to throw this out there.  It may sound crazy but I don't care.  If someone can make replicas of all these Daytona 2 cars in 1:20 scale, 1:40 scale, I don't care, I'll pay big for them.  I know that some games like World of Warcraft and Rock Band allowed you to create replicas of your characters, although those are statues, not die-cast (or plastic) cars.  I know that there's the option of busting out cans of paint and making them myself, but I have no skills in that area, plus I don't have the time to do so.  So if you or anyone you know has the expertise to create these cars, let me know, please.  And I don't want to do just the three AT cars, I'm talking all fifteen I have, plus the Hornet or whatever.  Like I said, let me know if you can help me.


Also, as a super bonus for my super brothers and sisters out there, here's some bonafide pictures of car damage from Gran Turismo 5.  I think it's okay (I wish they showed more than one angle), but a lot of people think it's grotesque, like the cars are melting.  Who knows, just look at it:

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