Thursday, September 2, 2010

CoD: Black Ops Gun Game And Stupid Garbage

Treyarch had a big announcement party for CoD: Black Ops on Sept. 1 and they announced two big things--bots and Gun Game.  Basically, if you don't know what Gun Game is, everyone is in a deathmatch server and starts with a pistol.  You need to get kills to move up the levels.  In each level, you are forced to use a (often) more powerful weapon.  You can also knife people which sends the victim down one level while sending you up one.

To win, you gotta get a kill with most every single gun in the game and reach the top level.  You stole it from Counter-Strike 1.6, lousy bums, but that's ok, that's a good thing cause everyone seems to like it so much.  You also stole the whole bomb-defusal concept, but w/e.

I love old CS, rough around the edges but still a hell of a lot of fun.

Bots are big deal too, just like in Perfect Dark.  Hone your accuracy, that helps a lot.  Plus it's a lot less frustrating to lose to bots than actual people.

Along with this, CoD: Black Ops players will have "currency" which is used to buy unlockables or show off, much like XP was used in previous games.  You can also gamble your money against the game or other people.  I'm not into betting--I just want to win money, but "pros" will love cashing in on the noobs, I guess.

I mean, bots and Gun Game.  I can get all that from CS 1.6 so why do I have to play your little game?  Oh, that's right, cause I'm a toolbag.

EDIT: Looking at some of the stuff in the game, it looks pretty good--it'll probably turn out much better than MW2.  Here's to Treyarch doing good when everyone thought they would suck.

I don't think there's any announcement for Zombies which would probably seal the deal for me...yes I know, it's a violent game, but not THAT violent and it's the only one of that kind I like nowadays...

I WILL talk about Daytona USA stuff next time (I think).

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