Thursday, September 23, 2010

Daytona USA Blues

First off, I'm really getting pissed off about school again.  Like I said before, I have to get my wisdom teeth removed on Friday, but at the same time, there's this quiz in one of the classes that same day.  I can't miss it without taking a big hit in my grades, even if I bring in a doctor's note or plead my case.  This leaves me between a rock and a hard place.  The ironic thing is the professor is the nicest lady in the world and she won't budge.  I really hate this garbage--you stop getting freebies this late in the game (my final semester) easy classes, no parking spots, no money, no friends, no good video games, UGGGGHHHH.


And once again, I'm just hung up over Daytona USA and my dreams of playing it ever again.  Let me just say what I got to say.  Here's some "bummer" music to keep you entertained:

First of all, OutRun 2, despite Sumo Digital's efforts to port the game to Xbox, PS2, PC, even Xbox Live, sold horribly.  I've heard that OutRun 2006 (C2C) sold about 100,000 copies worldwide to this day which is just abysmal considering the energy Sega and SD put into it.  Like Sega is reeling from that like their Dreamcast days again.  And it doesn't help that bringing back Sega's "glory days" in the form of Sonic Adventure and Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing were not as successful as we had hoped.  In other words, I doubt Sega's morale is high right now, even if they tried their best.

On the contrary, look at the competition.  Mario Kart Wii sold 22.5 million copies worldwide.  Let that sink in for just a second--that's 225 times the number of OR2006 sales.  Not to mention there exists Burnout, Blur, this Fast and the Furious garbage, stupid Split/Second, lousy Forza which can't get the PI ratings right, and Need for Speed trying to be relevant again, just stuffing the competition.  That's great, Sega has very little room to maneuver now.  The only racing game nowadays that I wholeheartedly support is Gran Turismo 5 which I hope does really well otherwise I'm just gonna be super-pissed on top of being pissed already.

And this leads me to my next point.  I may criticize Sega and yes, they may be missing a window of opportunity, but the main reason we got no Sega racers outside of OR2 and SaSASR is because Sega doesn't see them as profitable.  Gee, I wonder why?  Cause no one would buy them for whatever idiotic reasoning they come to.  The main goal of any video game developer is to make money.  Sega's not going to go on this humanitarian mission when not only will they lose money, but no one will care.  Yes, gamers nowadays are that dense.  It happened with the GameFAQs board proposal, it happened in all of our desolate arcades today, it's plain as day.

Sega's only choice now is to whore out Sonic because people will buy that.  And guess what happened.  Large amount of crap Sonic games.

They say that one should take a walk in another person's shoes before criticizing them.  That way you're a mile away and you have his shoes LOL.  But I'm starting to think Sega cares just a little, but no one's buying them for whatever reason.  So after getting kicked in the face from the Dreamcast, is Sega really going to go out of their way to take any chances other than the safe road with Sonic games?  Probably not.  If you go to a casino and get burned, you're probably not going to return any time soon.

I'm going to say this which I've always believed but I never really said it.  If there exists a window of opportunity for this Daytona USA sequel to be released, it's quicking closing before it's gone forever.  Hell, what am I kidding, the chances of a Daytona sequel are infinitesimal at this point!  Even straight ports of Daytona USA 1/2 and Scud Race (which would be great but not satisfy my thirst for more Daytona action) have a slim chance.

Like I said before, these sucky garbage games are becoming sealed in the minds of gamers that it may never return to before.  Good meaningful games are just a thing of the past.  God, I hate this video game culture SO MUCH I CAN'T TAKE IT I WANT TO GET OUT I FREAKING HATE IT I HATE ALL THESE DAMN VIDEO GAMES AND I CAN'T HELP BUT LET OUT MY RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For all you idle readers out there--if you have never heard about these games before, read my article as to why Sega Racers are so good.  I mean, I've gone over this ad nauseum in my blog before, but here it is again.  Go educate yourselves if you haven't already.

I'll go down swinging.  I don't care if an army of nerds tries to burn my house down, I'm not going to give up.  I want REAL GAMERS who are standing up for GOOD GAMES, none of these phonies.  So if you're with me, then commit now.  Otherwise, just move out of the way.  I've had enough of this crap.  Adios, amigos.  I ride off into the sunset as the Lone Ranger with a bounty on my head.  Come and get me you bastards!!

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