Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sonic Adventure Bonanza

Alright, let's stop being a Negative Nancy and post some fun stuff.  I've got a few Sega things on tap for you guys especially since I spent the last few days on that stupid video.

I'm downloading Sonic Adventure right now.  It costs 800 MSP for the regular version, but there's also this extra DX content you can get for another 400 MSP.  What's in it?  Extra stuff I guess.

Also, I heard that the Crazy Taxi port will have more than just a different soundtrack and removed Pizza Hut/KFC logos...different voice actors, clunky physics engine, is this true?  When is this game coming out anyway?  Really Sega, don't kill Crazy Taxi, seriously that would be sad.


And now for crappy Sonic flash might like them, I don't know.  They don't have one on Sonic Adventure 1, but they have one on SA2 which is good enough I suppose:

There's also one on Sonic Battle, Sonic Riders, whatever you look them up lol.

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