Monday, September 27, 2010

Zombies UP YOUR Arse...

Today is a sad day for racing games.  Apparently, Activision has spit out this game called Blood Drive.  You drive around this post-apocalyptic Las Vegas (GEE, HAVEN'T I SEEN THAT BEFORE...?) and run over zombies.  Mother of God.

Hey, let's just strangle the life out of the "racing" genre (which will soon be merged with the "action" genre, never to be referrenced seriously again).  No one wants to play a "normal" racing game anymore, those are too boring!  Just steal every popular idea and mash it into some half-assed game.  I can't take it anymore.  I know this isn't the first time they made a zombie driving game (Carmageddon), but why do they PERSIST??

I'm not an alcoholic--I've never intentionally drunk a drop of beer, wine, whatever in my entire life, but I'm starting to consider it.


Oh yeah, and remember talking about Nazi Zombies in Call of Duty: Black Ops?  We'll they're back.  I must say this is the only "good" zombie news I've heard so far.  I knew they'd release it.  Click on this doesn't make any sense but it has pictures of zombies so there you go.  This game will probably whoop MW2's ass.  I feel good for Treyarch since they've played "stupid little brother" to Infinity Ward all this time.  But still, Activision gets paid so that's sad.  I guess we'll get more info as we go on.


And then there's Dead Rising 2.  I mean, I've reached the point where I have to take interest in SOMETHING and I'm only moderately interested in the game.  But do you want to know why?  Cause I really like the idea of running around in these elaborate places (casinos, malls, etc.) doing whatever the hell I want--drive a car around, play Counter-Strike, run a race, that's my idea of fun.

Click for a bigger picture.  Compared to the Willamette Mall from DR1, this is HUGE.

I like sandbox games like that.  They just threw the zombies in there cause you know, everyone has a zombie fetish nowadays.

I just 200/200'd Dead Rising 2: Case Zero which I guess makes me a hypocrite but I'm losing it.  I just gotta hold out for Rock Band 3 which is the only game I'm really looking forward to.

NEW STUFF: I just realized this game has this "Terror Is Reality" show which is a little minigame outside of the story mode.  It's like that Fuzion Frenzy game but with zombies.  It looks stupid as all hell.  And there's no Survival/Infinity mode in this game (survive as long as possible before you run out of life).  Maybe they'll add it as DLC.  Oh geez, man.  Whatever, I'm not that interested anymore.  I'd rather play Black Ops now.


And one more thing.  This is about the New Orleans Saints.  I'm not gonna wuss out and jump off the bandwagon.  We lost.  Rough game, at least I take solace in the fact that we were only 3 points behind instead of 30.  Hats off to the Falcons (oh geez).  And Hartley...gosh, kickers have approximately a 95% chance of making that kick from the 15-yard line...  Also I wish the defense could've stopped those lame 3rd/4th downs passes to Gonzales or whoever.  Better luck next time.  If the Saints won every game it would be boring so just take it for what it's worth.

And the funny thing this isn't the first time that the Saints missed a chip-shot field goal to win it...

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