Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sonic Adventure On Xbox Live Arcade Wednesday 9/15

I forgot about this until now.  It's just 800 MSP/$10.  You better buy it OR ELSE.

Also, I just realized that the Crazy Taxi 360 release has yet to be announced (I think)...  Kind of sad since I want to get this one too.  Didn't Sega say they would port at least ten Dreamcast games to the 360 (EDIT: At least 18)?  They've only done one so far, do you really think Sega is up to the task?  My gut instinct says we'll be let down, but still, gotta keep the faith...

Oh yeah, btw, I think Sega's porting some games to the iPhone/iPod, such as ChuChu Rocket, but I don't own either of those so that's just a load of garbage.  See what UK Resistance says about it (including a list of features).  It looks OK from what I've seen.


  1. 10 games? nono, Sega said 18 to 24 games!!!!!! = )


  2. Oops, yeah I completely forgot about that article. Though I am surprised this info isn't reported in many other places. I mean, Sega bringing back a lot of DC games should be important, right??