Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Goldeneye 007 And Stuff

You know, I don't think I should've posted that last post since I can't spam this site with every little tangent that pops up...  Sometimes I post random stuff on this blog and when I post it, there's no turning back.  I'm also going to be honest--I may run out of things to talk about with Sega racers.  I mean, it doesn't help that Sega has basically cut off the IV, if you know what I mean.  I actually still have lots of related material to talk about.  I'll find good things to talk about and not fill it with this fluff and garbage.


Before I talk about the new Goldeneye 007 for the Wii, LET IT BE KNOWN that Rare was actually working on an Xbox Live port.  Unfortunately, because Rare made the game on a Nintendo console and they weren't willing to come to an agreement, the game was flushed down the toilet.  At least they made up for it by releasing Perfect Dark XBLA later.  Here is some footage--it may be hard to spot the differences, but look at the texturing and models:

But I would really like to talk about that new Goldeneye 007 game that's coming out.  It's coming out exclusively for the Wii, so that's a lousy start.  You play the story of the original Goldeneye game with Daniel Craig as your "partner" instead of Pierce Brosnan, so that's also stupid.  Okay, so it's a remake of the MOVIE, not the GAME in regards to single-player.  But whatever, let's check out the multiplayer trailer since that's what really matters:

First of all, I never expected this game to be identical to the N64/XBLA version, but it differs...almost too much.  I notice that it has most everything that Call of Duty had, every terrible fad that FPSes have accrued in the last decade:

* Aiming down sights?  Why does EVERY game need that nowadays?

* Regenerating health?  Oh come on, if you got plugged in the chest with a few AK47 bullets, you can't just rub some dirt on it and forget about it.  Resource management--maximize enemy damage, minimize self damage.  Get used to it.  I mean, seriously folks, at least add health pickups or something but not regenerating health!

* Experience point system?  Now look, I actually like when the game records your stats, but I don't want there to be some sort of "boosting" system that rewards mindless gameplay.  Screw it.

* Stuff missing from the N64 game?  What about these weapons?  I only saw the Golden Gun and the RC-P90, that's about it--the rest is a grab bag of CoD weapons with scope attachments and all that garbage.  Same thing with the maps...where's Archives? Stack?  Why is this version of Facility so bastardized from the original?  They say ten maps which IMO is absolute crap...  I mean, I don't mind new weapons, characters, etc. but at least keep some of the original stuff!

* This is worth saying although I don't know if this is you SPAWN with the weapons you want (like in CoD) or do you have to scavenge for them?  I hope it's the latter cause otherwise resource management is thrown out of the window.  Oh but then all the kiddies would complain about getting mowed down by the guy with the big machine gun because they're too lazy to run and find their own weapons!  We can't have that, right Activision!?!?  We'll just give them EVERYTHING they need when they spawn!

The only annoying fad this game doesn't have is the depressing backdrop and the excessive gore so I guess that scores some points in my book.

Now let's compare this to Rare/4J's XBLA remake of Perfect Dark?  That game was 95% identical to the N64 game.  This Goldeneye remake will be about 25% identical.  Basically as me and many Goldeneye diehards see it (there are more than you think), this game will be a piss-take on a classic, kind of like that "Goldeneye: Rogue Agent" game that came out a while back that used the name to sell a few copies.

This is just for show, the XBLA version of Perfect Dark--notice the similarities?  BTW, I might add that this game COSTS TEN DOLLARS as in $10 or 800 Microsoft Points.  There is NO EXCUSE not to own this game.  That and OutRun Online Arcade, also 800 MSP.

There's no saying that this game will be BAD quality-wise...I predict review scores of about 7.5 or so.  I MAY BE WRONG.  This game may be really good, but come on, if it's going to be REALLY like the original Goldeneye, at least give me some clues.  If you compare the XBLA and Wii footage, there is a dramatic difference.

Yes, most of us would all prefer if this 007 game were more like the N64 version, but this is the future--times have changed.  If people like crap, make it crap!  Really, most good little gaming drones nowadays have never touched the original N64 game so if this is off-the-target, they don't care.  Perfect Dark XBLA, on the other hand, touched a nerve with a lot of people (approx. 1.8 million sold), but look, the game's dead, the leaderboards are full of hackers, online is sparse, no DLC content, it's all over...

Is this just another instance of "going with the flow?"  Are there fads in the game industry that you cannot fight against, like you need to water down all your FPSes with all that stuff I mentioned above?  If we don't, will the game not sell?  If this is true, then how are we gonna release this new Daytona USA game?  These are battles we must fight at the personal level, talk about the game, soften up developers to the idea, it's not easy...

But hey, there's always Quantum of Solace on the Xbox 360!!  At least that game has a semi-identical replica of the Facility.....

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